Karachi: According to news reports, cement makers saw a 41 percent increase in sales in the month of May. According to figures supplied by the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA), the cement industry grew by 49.86 percent in May 2021.

According to market sources, the price of cement in the north was PKR 514 per 50 kg bag in July of last year. The price of a 50 kg cement bag has risen this year from PKR 610 to PKR 615.

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The APCMA’s spokesman requested that the government lower the Federal Excise Duty (FED), tariffs, and other duties on cement so that producers can control their expenses. It will also allow them to grow their facilities, generate more revenue, and create more jobs.

In terms of cement sales, the following is a comparison of FY20 and FY21 cement sales.

The amount of cement provided last fiscal year was 2.634 million tonnes, compared to 3.947 million tonnes this fiscal year.

It increased from 2.271 million tonnes to 3.201 million tonnes in terms of domestic consumption. In May of this year, shipments increased from 363,174 tonnes in May of 2020 to 746,550 tonnes.

Cement mills in the north sent 2.713 million tonnes to local markets in May, up 35.55 percent from 2.001 million tonnes in April.

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Aside from that, mills in the North area exported 7,520 tonnes, up from 203,625 tonnes the month before.

Mills in the South, on the other hand, sold 487,311 tonnes on the domestic market in May, up from 269,003 tonnes in April.

In May 2021, exports from the South climbed by 53%, from 355,654 tonnes to 542,925 tonnes.

From July to May 2020-21, exports increased by 21%, from 43.189 million tonnes to 52.222 million tonnes (11MFY21).

During the 11MFY21, local shipments increased from 36.13 million tonnes to 43.451 million tonnes. During the same period, exports increased from 7.059 million tonnes to 8.771 million tonnes.

In 11MFY21, local consumption in North-based mills increased by 18.67 percent over the previous year. Exports from the North climbed by 23% to 2.365 million tonnes from 1.924 million tonnes, reflecting a 23% rise from 1.924 million tonnes.

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Similarly, mills in the South sent 6.729 million tonnes domestically in 11MFY21, up 30% from the previous year’s total of 5.187 million tonnes. South’s exports climbed from 5.135 million tonnes to 6.406 million tonnes throughout this time.

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