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Blue World City is one of the latest home developments in the vicinity of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Blue Group of Companies (BGC), which has experience with large-scale housing developments, is the project’s developer.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has also given its clearance to this housing society. The most compelling feature of this development project is located, in particular.

The M2-Motorway, Islamabad International Airport, and Rawalpindi Ring Road are all nearby. It is also close to Chakri Interchange.

Investors adore this property development because it is now one of the least expensive in the area. The best option for investors looking for a residential project with a high rate of return on their investment is this.

It also offers an online certificate of blue world city registration verification, online installment, and application status as additional online services.

Blue World’s city is divided into several blocks, including the General Block, Overseas Block, Blue Hills Country Farms, Awami Villas, Blue World Economic Zone, Orbital Apartments, and the reasonably priced Awami Residential Complex.

Owner & Developers

The structure is owned and developed by Blue Group of Companies (BGC). This society is owned by Saad Nazir, the son of Chaudhry Nazeer, a former deputy commissioner of Lahore.

Tajarat Properties is pleased to announce that Blue Group of Companies and the highly acclaimed Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, with its headquarters in China.

They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to ensure and carry out the promise of first-rate development. In terms of marketing, there is a strong partnership between Tajarat Properties and Development.


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Blue Group of Companies (BGC) information

In 1989, The Blue Group of Companies was established in Lahore. Initially, the company provided services like construction and architectural design.

The company quickly built a solid image as a dependable and competent organization by attracting clients and reputable investors in the market. The company is currently rated as one of Pakistan’s top five real estate development businesses with a global reputation.

Since then, the company has made an effort to become known as a one-stop shop for numerous services, including marketing, architectural design, building, IT support, and commercial printing.

Company Structure

The Blue Group of Companies owns a very diverse range of enterprises, including the following:

Blue Group Of Companies

  • A blue brick
  • Property Blue
  • Palms in Blue
  • Microsoft Blue
  • WPZ
  • Marcus Blue
  • Square Brands
  • Artimmix

Property Projects Completed Previously by BGC

The PIA Cooperative Society, Center Park Lahore, Blue Town Sapphire, Blue Mart, and Blue Technologies are examples of prior BGC real estate projects.

Saad Nazir has also constructed a large number of additional residential and commercial complexes. This society is BGC newest cutting-edge housing complex.


Blue World City had been processed a development permit by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in defiance of Vide Letter No. 532/10/DC (RDA). Dated: 07-08-2018. For 427 Kanals of land, the town first received preliminary planning clearance.

The NOC status from the RDA of the society eventually showed up on the list of societies that were still being processed when a separate application was submitted after some time.


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Blue World City NOC Approved

Update for December 2021

A letter with the number 532/10/DC dated 07-08-2018 from the District Council issued the NOC for Blue World City. The government addressed the legal disagreement between the District and the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) after Governor Punjab signed the 2021 Local Bodies Ordinance.

All residential housing societies must receive the District Council’s approval in accordance with this Ordinance. All of these debates resulted in BWC receiving the necessary approval, which will raise the price of plots.

The recently planned possession regions are shown below:

Blue World City New Possession Areas

The official notice of the land area that BWC Management has procured is shown below:

Blue World City Land Area

Location of Blue World City

The Blue World City, which is situated on the main Chakri Road near the Chakri Interchange, is directly accessible from the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. It is also one of the housing developments close to Islamabad’s newest international airport as well as Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Real estate professionals and investors laud the neighborhood for its beautiful surroundings. It provides a luxurious lifestyle apart from the bustle of city life.

The project provides its residents with a quiet, serene, and affluent living environment that no other residential development in Pakistan has ever offered, as well as one of the most practical entry points to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This sets the BWC apart from other Pakistani societies.

The location of this site is quite obvious and open to anyone. Below is a Google Map:

Blue World City Location


BWC is so close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi that you can get to either city in a matter of minutes.


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There are several ways to get to Blue World City Rawalpindi.

  • The Chakri Road and Chakri Interchange are nearby.
  • Drive time to Chakri M2 Toll Plaza, M2, Chakri, Rawalpindi, 46000 is about 13 minutes.
  • Drive time to Chakri, Rawalpindi, Punjab, is about 13 minutes.
  • New Islamabad Airport Rd, Islamabad Gandhara International Airport, and Islamabad are accessible by car in around 31 minutes.
  • 32 minutes or more to drive to Rawalpindi
  • 33 minutes or so to drive to Islamabad
  • 33 minutes or more to drive to Khanial Homes
  • A 48-minute trip will get you to Rawalpindi’s Grand Trunk Road from the N-5 National Highway.
  • Driving time to Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad is about 57 minutes.
  • Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, is reachable by car in around one hour and three minutes.
  • A 57-minute trip will take you to Rawat, Islamabad.
  • The travel to N-80, Fateh Jang, Punjab, takes about one and a half hours.
  • 60 minutes or so to drive to Saddar, Rawalpindi
  • Syed AbulA’laMaududi Avenue, Qurtaba City, Rawalpindi, Punjab is reachable in around 21 minutes by car.
  • Drive time to Sihal, Country Rd, PindMalhu, Rawalpindi, and Punjab is about three minutes.
  • Drive time to Sihal, Rawalpindi, Punjab, is about five minutes.
  • Drive time to the Rawalpindi Race Club is about 13 minutes.
  • Driving time to Partial Hunting Club in Rawalpindi, Punjab is about 29 minutes.

Nearby Landmarks & Locations

Some of the most well-known housing projects that border this residential property include Mumtaz City, Khanal Homes, Star Argo Farms, Top City 1, and University Town. Another is Capital Smart City & Bahria Town Karachi 2.

The position of BWC is indicated on the location map that is linked below near the intersection of Chakri Road and the projected Rawalpindi Ring Road.

When the Ring road is finished, you will also be able to access the society by that route if you are traveling from Islamabad by using the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2 to Chakari Road.

This Ring Road would make it quicker for people to get to and from Rawalpindi’s most remote locations, including Giga Mall, Bahria Town Islamabad, DHA housing society, and Bahria enclave.

Here are some places that are close by and well-known to this society:

Blue World City Map

Blue World City Master Plan

The master plan for Blue World City is a well-designed document that was created with the cooperation of national and international experts and is based on modern urban town planning ideas.

The master plan contains a large number of plots, both residential and commercial, enabling investors to find both their dream homes and business opportunities.

Another tempting component of investing in this place is the appropriate payment schedule. The main goal of the developers is to provide residents with upscale living spaces at affordable prices.


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Blue World City Master Plan


“Sehal” is a settlement that serves as the Moza of the Blue City.

Size of Roads

One of its attractive features will be the vast system of carpeted highways connecting every aspect of society. The main boulevard will be 120 feet long, and all of the streets will be 40 feet wide.

Residential and commercial plot

Residential, agricultural, and commercial land sizes are as follows:

  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 and 2 kanals

The following are the plots at Farmhouses:

  • 04 Kanal
  • 08 Kanal

The following are the commercial plots:

  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla

The following are the Overseas plots:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Famous Replicates & Distinctive Infrastructure

BWC is constructing replicas of famous landmarks, including the following:

Replica of the Blue Mosque:

The project will construct a precise replica of Turkey’s iconic Blue Mosque. This will be a major accomplishment for the project and a standout feature of the BWC. The builders have committed to creating the replica precisely and with nearly identical amenities.


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Blue Mosque of Blue World City

The Blue Mosque Replica in Blue World City may have the following main characteristics:

  • 4-Star Inn
  • Soft finishes
  • Opulent amenities
  • Pristine Restaurant

Blue World City Torch Hotel

A copy of “The Torch Doha” called The Torch Hotel will be constructed. The original icon has a number of distinguishing qualities, including being 300 meters tall and offering breathtaking 360-degree vistas. Engineers, planners, and architects all contributed to this engineering masterpiece.

It essentially resembles the enormous torch flame that was unveiled during the Asian Games in 2006. And Pakistan is receiving such enormous structures thanks to BWC.


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Blue World City Torch Hotel

The Torch replica that will be constructed in BWC may include the following characteristics:

  • 5-Star resort
  • Elegant Dining
  • 360° panorama views

Villaggio Mall

As part of the construction of numerous top-notch attractions, a replica of Villaggio Mall will be constructed in Blue World City. The original site of this shopping center is in Doha, Qatar. One of Doha’s premier commercial and retail districts, it.

Nearly all of the well-known companies from around the world are represented in this stadium, which has 50,000 visitor spaces and spans an enormous area of over 183,000 square kilometers.


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Blue World City Villagio Mall


The owners and developers of BWC have vowed to offer residents and visitors an almost identical experience.

The Villaggio Mall planned for BWC could include:

  • Shops
  • Brands
  • Parking
  • Elegant Dining
  • Playground for kids

Blue World City at the Burj Al Arab

One of the world’s most famous hotels, the Burj al Arab Jumeirah, houses a number of services. The unusual design is like a ship’s sail extending into the Arabian Gulf. The experience of staying at this motel cannot even be described in words.

Due to the lavish features and high price, it often seems like a fantasy to many people. But Blue City is currently building a nearly identical copy of this housing society.


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Blue World City Burj Al Arab

The replica of the Burj al Arab Jumeirah planned for BWC could include:

  • Fine Dining
  • Luxurious Suites
  • 5-Star Hotels

Blue World City Cricket Stadium

This project has decided to construct the largest cricket stadium in society, with a seating capacity of more than 50,000 spectators and over 15,000 parking spots. For the convenience of the visitors, the stadium will also have a shopping center.

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Blue World City Cricket Stadium

The Cricket Stadium planned for Blue City could feature:

  • 55,000 seats are available.
  • Parking 15000
  • Shops

Water Theme Park in BWC

The water-themed park in Blue World City will have modern security and entertainment features. It will be built in close collaboration with Guangzhou Haisain Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd. According to reports, this will occupy a space of around 70,000 meters.


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Blue World City Water Theme Park

The park with a water theme planned for Blue City might feature:

  • Hot rides 20
  • Entertainment
  • Playground for adults
  • The location where kids can play

The biggest horse Mascots

The Blue Globe City horse mascots will be the biggest in the world, rising 125 feet above the ground. Central Avenue will attract visitors to the important location itself. Because of the surrounding residential areas and green areas, the views will be breathtaking.


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he biggest horse Mascots of Blue World City
Blue World City Water Body
Blue World City Largest Horse Mascots

The project will include several features, including the following:

  • Art gallery
  • Food markets

Blue World City Second Cup Coffee

Second Cup Coffee will provide customers with a unique dining experience. Jim Ragas, president, and CEO of Second Cup Coffee Company visited the construction site and then officially launched the cafe.

A number of other senior BWC executives also attended the event. The Canadian company showed its firm belief in the idea by opening a location at BWC.

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Blue World City Coffee Second Cup

System of Forces Schools in Blue World City

The Forces School System, a novel academic program, is being developed to offer Blue City’s children the best learning opportunities.

The School & College will have state-of-the-art facilities and knowledgeable faculty.


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Blue World City Forces School System
System of Forces Schools in Blue World City
Blue World City Forces School & College System

Blue World City Plot Files Verification

You can use Tajarat Properties to get crucial details on validating of this project plot files. Using our educational file verification procedures, you can verify the registration of your file for residential or business land.

All local Pakistanis and Pakistanis residing abroad can use these methods to assure file verification. Only legitimate file verification for files that were purchased from us is the responsibility of Tajarat Properties. So use caution and limit your downloads to BWC files from Tajarat Properties.

  • Contact Tajarat Properties, and we’ll help you verify the registration of the file.
  • Contact the administration of Blue World City directly.

Read More: File Verification Online?

Now, as shown below, click the “Online Services” tab located at the top of the BWC website’s home page.

Blue World City File Verification

You must click “Online Registration Verification” after selecting “Online Services,” as indicated below.

Blue World City Online Registration Form

Clicking “Online Registration Verification” will bring up the following popup.

Blue World City Online Reg Verification

You must enter the “Form No.” and “Security Code.” here to have your file verified, as indicated below.

Blue World City Online Reg File Verification

Another window displaying the results of the online file verification search will open after entering the “Form No.” and “Security Code,” as shown below.

Online Reg File Verification Blue World City

And the outcome will read “No Result” as shown below if the information entered is incorrect or the file verification information is false or fraudulent.

Blue World City QR Code


And if the information entered is correct then the file verification information result will be shown.

Blue World City Online Reg Search Reasult

File Verification’s benefits include

Real estate investing is a major lifetime opportunity and decision for anyone. You must therefore complete all file verification procedures and be aware of their importance.

The following are just a few of the many benefits of using BWC file registration methods:

  • Protection against fraud
  • Avoidance of financial fraud
  • Your lifetime investments for later
  • Avoiding significant financial losses
  • Make sure to buy legal properties
  • Avoiding being taken advantage of by scammers

Blue World City consists of several Blocks

Blue World City Overseas Block

The overseas block that the society offers is the highlight of this remarkable housing development. Only Pakistanis who have established more affluent preferences and higher standards while living overseas are eligible for offshore building.

In the foreign block, a limited number of residential and commercial plots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For Pakistani people living abroad, this is a useful opportunity to invest safely and affordably in Pakistan.

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Location of BWC Overseas Block

The Overseas Block has easy access from Chakri Road through its designated gate through the society’s Main Gate. The Rawalpindi Ring Road, which in the next two years will connect Blue City directly to Motorway M-2 and Islamabad city.

We will also provide access to the housing complex. The project is drawing interest from both domestic and international investors because of its handy and desirable location.

The Overseas Block was established especially to cater to the needs of Pakistanis residing overseas who wish to invest in their own nation.

The primary challenge for international investors is the scam issue. It is so encouraging to learn that BWC and Overseas Block provide reliable investment options in Rawalpindi and are not con artists.

To give overseas residents a setting similar to living abroad, this block is equipped with all the services and facilities. Such facilities offer a familiar lifestyle. Direct access from Chakri Road, M-2 Motorway, and Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) is also a plus point for the residents of the Overseas Block.

Blue World City Awami Block 

Awami Block 4.5 Marla Plots in BWC are located at the prime location of Islamabad on main Chakri Road near M-2 Motorway. These residential plots are available in the Awami Block at an amazing rate.

This plot category is offered to facilitate the investors and clients as per their affordability and convenience. The developers of this project facilitate its investors with all top-notch amenities and facilities.

Furthermore, this plot category has exceptional features that make it unique from the other residential plots. The availability, premium location, affordable rates, early possession, and top-notch amenities are the top reasons that make it a worth-investing housing society.  

BWC 4.5 Marla residential plot has the most flexible and easy payment plan, for the ease of investors and clients. With all the other amazing features, the 4.5 Marla residential plot in Awami Block is quite accessible from different famous landmarks and points.

Besides, the demand for 4.5 Marla Awami block residential plots is increasing and quite popular among all experienced investors. All facilities like educational facilities, medical facilities, amusement facilities, and marts.

It is much more available inside the community. Therefore, investment in this mega Awami Block project would bring you a lot of benefits in return. 

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Blue World City Waterfront Block

The Waterfront Block has recently been included in the BWC project. The neighborhood is on the river and is inside the society, in front of the Overseas Block. Residents can enjoy the peace and quiet of the neighborhood as well as the serene waterfront views.

You might have an easy commute to work if you lived close to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. All residential and commercial amenities are offered within the society so that no one has to leave to meet their needs. Within the confines of civilization, one can access even contemporary medical facilities.


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Blue World City Executive Block

The newest structure in the project, the Executive Block, is a magnificent addition to the already alluring residential neighborhood. The Executive Block is conveniently located and has easy access from several directions. The twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are also nearby.

The Executive Block will represent the height of refinement, luxury, and elegance. The residents of the block will have access to all necessary modern amenities. The Executive Block of BWC will offer its residents access to a life of extreme luxury.


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Blue World City Overseas Executive Block

The Overseas Executive Block is a wonderful addition to the BWC master plan. Overseas Executive Block reservations have already begun. Residential lots in the Overseas Executive Block are available in the following sizes:

  • 7 Marla (175 Sq. Yd.)

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Orbital Apartments in Blue World City

The Orbital Apartments in Blue City offer a high-end, opulent way of life. There is no better apartment choice in Pakistan if you enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views of the countryside.

With top-notch infrastructural development, orbital apartments provide exquisite yet inexpensive housing possibilities. The purpose of the orbiting flats is to offer large, affordable residential plots.

Because of the growing population, vertical residential buildings are becoming increasingly popular both in Pakistan and around the world, necessitating the creation of orbiting apartments.

The Orbital apartments have several amenities, such as large rooms, exclusive elevators, themed interiors, top-notch services, round-the-clock maintenance, and much more.

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It has all of the upscale features and services, like the tallest horse mascots, a water theme park, and a 208-foot-wide orbital avenue lined with beautiful, well-kept public parks.

In Pakistan, all opulent lifestyles at reasonable costs are uncommon, changing the entire idea of luxury living with the qualities listed below:

  • Luxurious apartments in a building
  • Penthouse with scenic views and dedicated special elevators
  • Decorated interiors
  • Premium services
  • Atrium
  • Swimming pools indoors
  • Gyms
  • Spa
  • 24/7 exceptional upkeep and services
  • Uninterrupted supply of utilities

Farms in Blue Hills Country

Living a busy, hectic, and normal life can be difficult. One always fantasizes about moving to a serene location where one may experience luxury and take a break from these stressful surroundings. Blue Hills Country Farms is located nearby to satisfy that demand.

Stress can harm your emotional and physical health, regardless of whether you work a 9 to 5 job or are a businessman. For this reason, a calm setting distant from the bustle of the city and close to nature is required to relax.

For those seeking a stress-free lifestyle, Blue Hills Country Farms is the ideal getaway destination. The farms provide a tranquil, close-to-nature setting.

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Blue Hills Farm Houses’ location

The Blue Hills Farmhouse is perfectly situated in the most tranquil part of the community, close to a lovely stream and surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the area. Away from the city, the tranquil and comforting atmosphere of society is the ideal setting for a full of harmony and consolation life.

Blue World City Awami Residential Complex

The newest addition to the magnificent housing development of this project is Awami Residential Complex. The complex consists of standalone and duplex apartments.

Each is furnished with everything needed to live luxuriously and with stunning city views. Each apartment is built to offer a comfortable interior, upmarket facilities, and sustainable infrastructure.

Awami Residential Complex is being built with the needs of the general people in mind to satisfy the rising need for affordable dwelling units.

The building of the single-duplex units in the Awami complex was done at a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality. The best example of cost-effective housing development is the BWC Awami Residencial Complex.

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Awami Residential Complex’s location

The Awami Residential Complex is situated parallel to BWC’s main street with direct access to Chakri Road, one of the most sought-after neighborhoods close to Islamabad International Airport.

The Blue Group of Companies will carry out the development to the greatest standards, and it will include amenities and social areas at the pinnacle of this iconic building.

The Sports Valley Block in Blue World City

Sports Valley Block is the most recent development of the master plan. For sports enthusiasts, the announcement of this block’s inauguration is excellent news.

Because it will encourage sports tourism in Pakistan. With seating for more than 55,000 spectators and a sizable parking area for about 15,000 automobiles, it will have Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium.

Along with the construction of courts for basketball, tennis, futsal, volleyball, and badminton, 25 leisure parks are also planned. Additionally, it will have outdoor gyms, lanes for bowling, cycling paths, and hiking trails. The following buildings will enhance the block’s beauty:

  • Residence Mall
  • Hotel Torch
  • Indigo Mosque (Copy of the Blue Mosque in Turkey)

The block provides cheap residential and business plots in a range of sizes.

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Blue World City

Contact us to Book Your Plots at Blue World City

Blue World City is the best opportunity for people looking for a perfect place to call their new home. So, what are you waiting for? Book your plots right now in Blue World City, and we will help you in finding your perfect home. Give us a call or write an e-mail in the given form!


    Residences in Sports Valley Block:

    The following sizes of residential plots are available on this block:

    • 5 Marla
    • 8 Marla
    • 1 Kanal/10 Marla

    Commercial lots in the Sports Valley Block:

    The following sizes of commercial plots are available:

    • 5 Marla
    • 8 Marla
    • 10 Marla and 8 Kanals

    Hollywood Block in Blue World City

    One of Blue City’s finest and most contemporary blocks is called Hollywood Block. It is situated next to BWC’s Trafalgar Square.

    The housing society’s Gates 1 and 2 provide entry to the block. The following are a few of its outstanding characteristics:

    • Large Mosque
    • Gated neighborhood
    • Los Angeles Insignia
    • Multiplex theatres
    • Considerers’ Club
    • Private Clubhouse
    • Large Green Spaces
    • Marketplace Plazas
    • 24-hour security and monitoring

    Read More: Hollywood Block

    Household Plots in the Hollywood Block:

    The following sizes of residential plots are available:

    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal
    • 2 Kanal
    • 4 Kanal

    Blue World City Payment Plan

    For the convenience of its investors, the society has provided a 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year installment plan. Bookings can be made with just a 10% deposit.

    Read More: Updated Payment Plan

    General Block of Blue World City:

    A 4-year payment plan is available from General Block of Blue World City for magnificent 5, 8, 10 Marla, 1, and 2 Kanal plots. This contemporary building is built to offer a luxurious and affordable way of life, first-rate amenities and services, and a desirable location.

    • With just a 10% down payment of 1 lac and 49 thousand rupees, the management is providing 5 marlas for 14 lac and 90 thousand rupees. Only 14,900 rupees will be spent across 40 monthly payments. 8 half-yearly payments totaling 93000 and 125rupees will be required.
    • With just a 10% down payment of 1 lac 91 000 and 500 rupees, the management is providing 8 Marla for 19 lac. Only 19,150 rupees will be spent over 40 monthly installments. The total cost for 8 half-yearly payments is 1 lac, 19 000, and 688 rupees.
    • With just a 10% down payment of 2 lac and 29 thousand rupees, the management is offering 10 Marla for 22 lac and 90 thousand. All in all, 40 monthly payments will only cost 20,900 rupees. 8 semi-annual payments totaling 1 lakh, 43,000 rupees, will be required.
    • With just a 10% down payment of 4 lac and 29 thousand rupees, the management is offering 1 Kanal for 42 lac and 90 thousand. Only 42,900 rupees will be spent across 40 monthly payments. There will be 8 half-yearly payments totaling 2, 68,125 rupees.
    • Only a 10% down payment of 8 lac and 30 thousand is required to purchase a 2 Kanal from the management for 83 lac. Only 83 thousand will be spent over 40 monthly payments. The total cost for 8 half-yearly payments is 5 lac, 18 000 rupees.
    • Only a 10% down payment of 9 lacs is required to purchase a 5-Marla commercial plot from the management for 90 lacs. Just 90 thousand will be spent throughout 40 payments. The total cost for 8 half-yearly payments will be 5 lacs, 62k, and 500 rupees.


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    Executive Block Payment Plan for Blue World City:

    The payment schedule provided by Blue World City Executive Block is quite straightforward. Additionally, it provides a practical 4-year installment plan for individuals.

    Who are unable to pay the full amount at once. Plots measuring 5 marlas, 10 marlas, and 20 marlas are available in the Executive Block. Bookings can be made with just a 10% deposit.

    • 5 Marla plots are available at The Executive Block for PKR 875,000 with just a 10% down payment.
    • With just a 10% down payment, The Executive Block is selling 10 Marla plots for PKR 1,675,000.
    • With just a 10% down payment, The Executive Block is selling 20 Marla plots for PKR 3,150,000.

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    Blue World City Executive Block Payment Plan

    Note: At this time, the Executive plots are not accessible.

    Payment Schedule for Sector 1 of the General Block

    The plots up for sale in Sector-1 are balloted. The 5 Marla and 10 Marla residential plots are easily reserved with a 1-year payment schedule.

    Blue World City General Block Sector 1 Payment Plan

    Payment Schedule for Sector 2 of the General Block

    The plots up for sale in Sector 2 are balloted. The residential plots of 5 Marla and 10 Marla are simply available for purchase with a 1-year payment plan.

    Blue World City General Block Sector 2 Payment Plan

    Block Sector-4 Payment Schedule

    Sector 4 of the BWC General Block’s residential plots for sale are balloted. Only 5 Marla residential plots with a one-year payment schedule are available for reservation.

    Blue World City General Block Sector 4 Payment Plan

    Block Sector-5 Payment Schedule

    Sector 5 of General Block’s available lots is balloted. Investors could reserve residential plots of 1 and 2 Kanal on a 1-year payment schedule and receive the maximum ROI.

    Blue World City General Block Sector 5 Payment Plan

    Blue World City Overseas Block

    Several opulent-sized home plots in Overseas Block are available with a 4-year installment plan from Overseas Block, which includes

    • 7 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 14 Marla
    • 1 Kanal
    • 2 Kanal

    Booking only requires a 10% deposit, with the balance due in 40 monthly or 16 quarterly installments.

    • With just a 10% down payment of 1 lac and 92 thousand, 5 hundred rupees, the management is giving 7 marlas for 19 lac and 25 thousand rupees. Only 19,250 rupees will be spent across 40 monthly payments. 8 half-yearly payments totaling 96,250 rupees will be required.
    • With just a 10% down payment of 2 lac and 68 thousand rupees, the management is selling 10 marlas for 26 lac and 80 thousand rupees. It will only cost 2 lac, 6,000, and 800 rupees for 40 monthly payments. 8 semi-annual payments will only cost $1 lac 34 000.
    • With just a 10% down payment of 3 lacs and 65 thousand rupees, the management is providing 14 marlas for 36 lacs and 50,000. Only 36,500 rupees will be spent across 40 monthly payments. There will be 8 half-yearly payments totaling 1 lac, 82 000, and 500 rupees.
    • Only a 10% down payment of 4 lacs and 80 thousand rupees is required to purchase one Kanal from the management for 48 lacs. Just 48 thousand rupees will be spent throughout 40 monthly payments. There will be 8 half-yearly payments totaling 2 lac 40 000 rupees.
    • In exchange for a 10% down payment of 7 lacs and 70 thousand rupees, the management is giving 2 kanals for 77 lacs. Just 77 thousand rupees would be spent over 40 monthly payments. 8 semi-annual payments totaling only 3 lac 85 000 rupees.
    • With just a 10% down payment of 9 lac and 40 thousand rupees, the management is giving a 5-marla commercial land for 94 lac. Just 94 thousand rupees would be spent throughout 40 monthly payments. The total cost will be 4 lac and 70 thousand rupees for 8 half-yearly payments.
    • With just a 10% down payment of 15 lac, the management is providing a 10-marla commercial land for 1 crore and 50 lac. Just one lakh fifty thousand rupees would be spent over 40 monthly installments. 8 semi-annual payments will only cost 7 lac and 50,000 rupees.


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    The Blue World City Waterfront Block Payment Schedule:

    The payment schedule for the Waterfront Block is as follows:

    Blue World City Water Front Block Payment Plan

    The Commercial Plots in the BWC Waterfront Block Payment Schedule:

    Blue World City Water Front Commercial Plot Payment Plan

    The Executive Block of Blue World City’s Payment Schedule:

    Blue World City Executive Block Payment Plan

    Note: At this time, the Executive plots are not accessible.

    Block Payment Plan for Hollywood

    Sector-5 of General Block’s available lots are balloted. The investors could reserve residential plots of 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanals, and 4 Kanals on a 1-year payment schedule and receive the greatest ROI. For the convenience of the investors, this option of monthly payments is also provided.


    Read More: Hollywood Block

    Blue World City Hollywood Block Payment Plan

    Blue Hills Country Farms

    Blue Hills Country Farms provides 4, 8, 12, and 16 Kanal plots in the Blue World City with a 4-year installment plan for you to construct your ideal farmhouse.

    For a 4 Kanal plot, the down payment is merely 15%, and there are just 40 monthly installments as low as 86k. The farms additionally provide 8 semi-annual payments.

    • With just a 15% down payment of 12 lacs and 15 thousand rupees, the management is giving 4 kanals for 85 lacs and 25 thousand rupees. Just 86 thousand and 63 rupees would be spent over 40 monthly installments. 8 semi-annual payments will total just 4 lakhs, 30 thousand, and 313 rupees.
    • With just a 15% down payment of 22 lacs and 35 rupees, the administration is providing 8 kanals for 1 crore and 54 lac rupees. It will only cost 1 Lac, 58 Thousand, and 313 Hundred Rupees for 40 monthly payments. There will only be 7 lacs, 91 thousand, and 563 hundred rupees paid in 8 half-yearly installments.
    • With just a 15% down payment of 37 lacs, 16 thousand, and 250 rupees, the management is selling 12 Kanal for 2 crores, 55 lacs, and 75 thousand rupees. It will only cost 2 Lac, 63 Thousand, and 234 Hundred Rupees for 40 monthly payments. 8 semi-annual payments will total 13 lacs, 16 000, and 132 hundred rupees.
    • With just a 15% down payment of 39 lac rupees, the management is providing 16 kanals for 2 crores and 75 lac rupees. It will only cost 2 Lac, 76 Thousand, and 250 Hundred Rupees for 40 monthly payments. There would only be 8 half-yearly payments totaling 13 lacs, 81 000, and 250 hundred rupees.

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    The Blue Hills Country Farms payment schedule

    Blue Hills Country Farms payment schedule

    Awami Villas, a Duplex Villa, and a Residential Complex

    Awami Residential Complex apartments can be reserved for as little as Rs. 10,800 for easy 50 monthly payments. This building offers studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments.

    • Duplex Villa offers 3.5 Marla villas that may be reserved with just 50 easy monthly installments beginning at Rs. 18,700.
    • The BWC Awami Villas provide stunning single-floor 3 Marla villas. These villas were built in a contemporary style and are meant to provide sumptuous accommodations, top-notch amenities, and a desirable location.
    • The management is selling studio apartments for 15 Lac with a 1 Lac and 20 Thousand Rupee deposit. Only 10,000 and 800 rupees would be used throughout the course of 50 payments.
    • Ten half-yearly payments totaling only 54,000 rupees would be made.
    • The management is offering a 1-bedroom lounge for 18 lac with a 1 lac 50 thousand rupee down payment. 50 monthly payments would be made out of just 13,000 500 rupees. There will be ten half-yearly payments totaling 67,500 rupees.
    • The administration is offering a two-bedroom TV lounge for 22 lac with a down payment of 1 lac 90 000 rupees. Over 50 monthly payments, just 17,100 rupees would be used. The cost will be 85,500 in rupees, payable over 10 half-yearly installments.
    • The management is offering a 3.5 Marla Duplex Villa for 27 Lacs with a 2 Lac and 40 Thousand Rupee Down Payment. All that will be required for 50 monthly payments is 20 000 400 rupees. The sole expenditure that exceeds 10 half-yearly payments is 1 Lac and 200 Rupees.


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    Serene Villas Payment Schedule Serene

    Villas are available to investors on 5 Marla-sized plots. These villas can also be purchased in 18-month payments.

    The Awami Residential Complex’s payment schedule:

    Blue World City Awami Residential Complex Payment Plan

    Block Payment Plan for Overseas Executive:

    The Overseas Executive Block plots require a PKR 748,500 down payment. The Block also provides convenient 12 monthly payments. The Overseas Executive Block’s payout schedule is as follows:

    Blue World City Overseas Block Payment Plan

    Residential Plots in Blue World City, 4.5 Marla, Payment Schedule:

    The 4.5 Marla Residential Plots payment schedule is as follows:

    4.5 Marla Residential Plots payment schedule

    Block Payment Plan for Sports Valley:

    Blue World City Sports Valley Block Payment Plan

    Salient Features of Blue World City

    In order to meet the future residential and commercial necessities of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Blue world city intends to build the largest housing society which provides all the luxurious and world-class amenities for contemporary housing projects.

    Salient features of the blue world city are as follows:


    • Jamia Mosque, a replica of Blue Mosque, Turkey
    • The biggest themed water park
    • Global Standard Infrastructure
    • Society`s Power Plant
    • Police station to sustain the law.
    • Well-built roads
    • Explicitly, designated mass conveyance system
    • Cemented Walkways
    • All the basic conveniences available 24/7 such as the provision of water, gas, and electricity
    • Underground supply of services
    • Safe and sound security system
    • Boundary wall and gated community
    • hospitals and pharmacies the finest in the area
    • Extremely qualified doctors and nursing staff
    • The best educational organizations
    • Highly-trained and qualified teachers
    • Skilled maintenance and supervision workforce
    • Most affordable housing possibilities
    • Well-organized drainage and waste disposal system
    • Current and large business hubs
    • To keep society from any drainage clogging, a refined drainage system is also connected
    • Deliberate sewerage management
    •  waste disposal system
    • Attractive and luxurious green parks and green spaces
    • A wide-ranging variety of residential and commercial plots
    Distinctive Features of Blue World City

    Facilities And Amenities 

    This housing project will be a masterpiece of Chinese design and infrastructure. In contrast to being the most reasonably priced housing society in the area and luxurious environment.

    It was also exclusively designed to meet the needs of 2 million Chinese citizens who would be traveling to Pakistan for the CPEC route in the coming years.

    For this purpose, it has now become mandatory for blue world cities to build amenities and infrastructure of high international quality which will not only benefit Chinese residents but also raise the bar of Pakistani national’s standard of living.


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    Water, gas, and electricity

    Blue world city Islamabad which is located in a very distant area, connections to water, gas, and electricity were hardly given because the area has been ignored lately but the employees worked relentlessly to facilitate.

    The investors provide them with every basic necessity of life such as gas, electricity, and water frequently so that the residents of BWC do not face any ambiguity and live a stress-free life in society.

    Replica Of Blue Mosque Turkey

    The blue mosque in Istanbul, Turkey is a masterpiece constructed by Muslim designers and architects. The developers and owners of the blue city are encouraged to build a replica of the blue mosque to reinstate the Islamic and cultural values in Pakistan.

    After the Faisal mosque, the construction of the blue mosque in society will become the center of attraction for the tourist community as well as it will precisely affect the theme of the BWC.

    Commercial Hubs, Schools, And Colleges

    Due to the accessibility of the CPEC route, it will grow and become one of the most successful business hubs in the area.

    Its extraordinary master plan includes a high standard of educational institutes such as colleges and schools within the society just for the accessibility of residents.

    Biggest theme water park in Pakistan

    A blue world city has planned to build the biggest and Pakistan’s first international theme park which will include fun water rides, slides, wave pools, a volcanic waterfall, and particularly designed pools for underage children. These amenities in the BWC will not only facilitate adults but children as well for their enjoyment.

    Gated Community

    Blue world city will be a highly secure society with a gated community. People who are not familiar with or authorized will not be able or allowed to enter society.

    In order to avoid any mishaps and inconveniences within society for the residents, face recognition and key card features will be installed just for the safety of our occupants. Solid boundary walls will also be included just to ensure safety purpose.


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    24/7 Security

    A fully trained security staff will monitor and guarantee the protection of its residents at Blue world city since this housing society takes the security and protection of its residents and visitors very seriously.

    CCTV cameras will be installed within the whole society so that BWC ensures the 24/7 security of residents, as well as so the residents, can enjoy their luxurious life peacefully and stress-free.

    Jamia Mosque And Sector

    Every sector of the blue world will have a mosque in the blue city so that residents residing in each sector can easily and peacefully pray in their sector without any hassle or traveling.

    Jamia mosque will be built throughout society for the convenience of occupants so that they can pray peacefully their jummah prayer. BWC takes care of each and every essential of life.

    Carpeted Roads

    Building a massive network of carpeted roads across society is the first phase in the infrastructure project that society has already started. These roads will connect all of society’s areas. These roads will include tangible paths and ways for walkers and bicycles, and they will be 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 feet wide, respectively.

    Public Transport

    To make commuting inside the society relaxed for residents and anybody visiting the society, the society will feature an internal linkage of public transportation.

    Power Plant

    The government has suggested installing power plants within the society to avoid load shedding. The availability of energy in blue world city will guarantee a more effective community with its own plan. So the residents residing in BWC will not face inconvenience regarding electricity issues.

    Underground Electricity

    Although the idea of underground power is not fresh and is being used in all of the modern house developments, it has developed as a key improvement for community safety. This act will increase society’s beauty and elegance while also making it much safer and lowering the chance of any mishap or accident.

    Sports And Cultural Complex

    Different sports and cultural complexes will be built in a BWC to promote different cultures and different co-curricular activities in society.          car shipping

    Sewerage Treatment Plant

    Sewerage treatment plants will be installed within the society so that the management can ensure a hygienic and eco-friendly waste disposal system in the society.

    Water Filtration Plant

    One of the most significant features of an autonomous housing society is the capability to serve its people with clean water, and Blue World City will be an autonomous and sustainable society with this ability.

    The construction of a high-quality water filtration facility would guarantee the convenience of clean water across society and boost the quality of life in the area.

    Recreational Park And Lake

    The oxygen parks and lakes in the society will make this society more appealing and beautiful not only this but also it will be beneficial for the health of the residents, connections, and the environment of the society.

    I Max Cinema

    Cinemas have become the main mean of entertainment for the public, to keep the need of residents in view, 3D I MAX cinemas will be built in a BWC.

    To introduce advanced technologies for the entertainment purpose of the residents. The residents will live and get entertained at the same time within the society

    Adventure Club

    The society will build an adventure club for adventurous activities and a variety of exciting sports activities such as horseback riding, dirt bike riding, paragliding, parachuting, trekking, etc. so that the residents can build social relationships and have enjoyment within the society.

    Safari Zoo

    The society’s Safari Zoo will be yet another eye-catching feature for the residents. With a safe drive via a path within the society and wild animals running free.

    This attraction will not only be thrilling but will also provide guests a memorable with experience. The zoo will house a wide range of unique types of animals and birds that have been imported from all around the world.

    Water Pools And Spa Club

    Another luxury amenity that will be enjoyed by the residents of the blue city is its spa clubs and water pools, the residents will be able to take advantage of these luxuries within the society and have peaceful services.

    Police Station

    To avoid any criminal activity in society. there will be police stations in the surroundings so that people can report instantly and fearlessly in case of any criminal activity.

    40-Bed Hospital

    Since health is the top priority in every community, BWC’s master plan includes a 40-bed hospital that is fully operative. With the newest equipment and technology, this brand-new medical institution will be able to treat any societal emergency while also aiding the patients.

    Latest Developments In The Blue World City

    Even though the organization has not yet been formally founded, project development has already started. The society’s great entrance is almost constructed, and work is now being done on the society’s main boulevard. In phase 1 of society, the process of clearing the ground has already started.

    Soon, plots will be mapped and demolished. In a recent development, Mr. Chang, a leading Chinese multi-floor apartment building developer, met with the CEO of BWC, Saad Nazir, to discuss the development of apartment complexes in BWC Islamabad.

    Blue World City Pak-China

    For the growth and investment of this mega-housing scheme, as well as to make it a successful Pak-China-friendly enterprise, the organization of this housing project has signed an MOU with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Business, a major development and investment company located in China.

    Let’s talk about some of the reasons why this housing society will play a dominant role in raising ties between Pakistan and China and become the first city to do.

    Development of Chinese and Pakistanis

    With the support of Pakistani experts and Chinese technology, it will be constructed. All worldwide standards of living will be met by the protection and growth of this society.

    Making this housing society “A Pak-China Friendly Society,” the society will also provide for all the necessities, such as commercial and economic zones, residential areas, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and amusement clubs.

    Pak-China Investment

    The Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company and the Blue Group of Companies have united to share the investment in this extraordinary housing scheme.

    Revolving it into a joint project between not just two companies but also two nations Pakistan and Chin, and establishing it as a municipality that is truly beneficial to Pakistan and China.

    CPEC Route Proximity

    The CPEC Route, a collaborative project between Pakistan and China to increase the market between the two nations, is situated moderately close to BWC.

    It will give outstanding housing to fulfill and meet their needs because the majority of the workers will be Chinese and will need a safe and secure nearby residence.

    Chinese Architecture And Development

    Chinese building and development techniques will be used to build society’s infrastructure. The architectural design and society’s master plan will be influenced by contemporary Chinese prospects. Thus, it is a dream going to come true of friendship between China and Pakistan.

    Accommodation Of Chinese Residents

    The CPEC project will cause an important arrival of Chinese citizens to reposition to Pakistan during the next few years. Over 10,000 Chinese citizens are anticipated for the development and construction work on this housing complex, which will also be constructed by Chinese employees.

    For Chinese residents in the community, a specifically created block has been set away with limited ownership. In addition to bringing together Chinese and Pakistani individuals.

    It will provide its residents with numerous business and residential options. The project will also rouse international investment and advance regional collaboration and peace.

    Reason To Invest In Blue World City

    With the help of this low-cost housing project, people in Pakistan will have a new understanding of what it means to live comfortably while still providing for their families with opulent amenities and prime locations.

    If you are still indefinite about keeping a plot in this development, let us provide you with sudden factors that will affect your selection.


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    Most Affordable And Convenient

    The costs are the most reasonable and real when compared to other societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, such as Taj Residencia and Park View City. People with limited incomes can also provide a luxury environment and the best living standard in the BWC.

    Easy Installment Plan

    The majority of housing societies in the area, including Lahore Smart City and Gulberg Green, offer very convenient 3 to 4-year installment plans for a variety of plot sizes to make it feasible for investors from all social classes, developers are building BWC an excellent and most suitable place to invest your savings.

    Modern Facilities

    This society will have all the essential current housing amenities. Along with providing basic services like gas, clean water, and power, the society also offers its citizens the right of entry to parks, movie theatres, retail malls, and upscale clubs. Your investment in blue world city guarantees a modern, opulent, and soothing lifestyle.

    Peaceful Environment 

    It will let you experience a cheerful life closer to nature. A society is bounded by a green environment that will be helpful for residents to live healthy and peaceful life. The occupants will have fresh air to breathe in and enjoy a peaceful environment away from any kind of pollution.

    Commercial Opportunities

    You must be aware of the fact that there is countless business potential in this society, which makes it stand out from other housing projects in the district.

    There will be abundant jobs and business opportunities in society because of the numerous commercial roads, high-rise trade centers, and entertainment facilities.

    Maximum Returns On Investment

    It is a good moment to invest in society because prices are currently at their lowest and society is still in its pre-launch phase. These rates will undoubtedly rise after the formal launch and consequent development and provide investors with a good return on their investment which will be beneficial for them to get high returns on small investments.


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    Sense Of Blogging

    With its classy amenities and innovative infrastructure, this society is worth investing in. This housing society will not only raise your standards but also it will win your heart with strategic growth and innovative offerings.

    Blue World City Pros And Cons

    The pros and cons of bwc is as follows:

    Pros of the blue world city:

    • Its prime location
    • A blue world city has affordable prices and an easy installment plan
    • Its diverse communities
    • High-standard health and education facilities
    • BWC’s modern infrastructure
    • Replica of blue mosque and other international monuments.
    • Resorts, hotels, and malls
    • New commercial hubs of Pakistan
    • Asia’s largest water theme park.

    Cons of the blue world city:

    Everything has its own pros and cons, but fortunately, there are fewer disadvantages to a BWC.

    The only disadvantage of the blue world city 

      • It’s further away from Islamabad
    Pros and Cons of Blue World City

    Documentation Required For Booking

    The documents that are required to book your plot in blue world city are as follows:

    • 2 passport size Pictures
    • 2 copies of your national ID card
    • 2 copies of the ID card of your next of Kin

    For overseas clients

    • 2 copies of the Overseas National ID Card along with the documents mentioned above.


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    Documents Required For Blue World City

    Possession Of Plots In Blue World City

    The management of this project first informed teams that the possession would be conducted in January 2020. General Block’s ballot has already been accomplished.

    In December 2020, it was intended to disclose the owners of the society. It is decided to employ e-balloting for the plot vote in order to make the process transparent.

    Investors who have already sent in the required 90% input will be eligible for the ballot. The good news is that you may still participate in the balloting process by paying a 50% advance payment.

    In contrast to CDA sectors like B-17 and ICHS Town, which are permitting ownership straight away, possession of the phase 1 plot in the housing society is anticipated to be provided after 3 years.

    After the construction on this block is finished, BWC will be available for possession. However, this timeline is not certain and may be extended due to delays in construction, NOC approval, or natural tragedies.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently questions that are being asked are as follows:

    Q1: What is blue world city?

    Ans: Blue world city is a luxurious housing project with world-class amenities located ideally at Chakri road, Rawalpindi

    Q2: Who is the owner of a blue world city?

    Ans: Blue world city is a project by the famous Blue group of companies (BGC) which is owned by SaadNazir. This project is getting done in collaboration with the Chinese company Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company.

    Q3: Why do people call blue world city Islamabad, not just blue world city?

    Ans: Even though Blue World City is under the control of RDA, some people still refer to it as BWC since it is located in the border area between Rawalpindi and the city of Islamabad.

    Q4: Is Blue world city NOC approved?

    Ans: Blue World City is certain of having a legitimate housing society because the RDA has accepted the layout planning permit of the society and the society has applied to renew its NOC for the extension area.

    Q5: When will the society start its developmental work and when will the blue world city be fully developed?

    Ans: The society’s development work has begun, and the Main Boulevard and main gate have virtually finished their construction. The group has also started smoothing the area and doing some earthwork. The society’s current estimate of the development period is three to four years.

    Q6: Will blue world city provide basic necessities? Like gas, water, and electricity to its residents?

    Ans: The residents of Blue World City are expected to have access to all modern conveniences, including gas, electricity, and water, which will be available around the clock.

    Q7: Does blue world city offer any installment plan?

    Ans:  Yes, easy installment plans of 3 to 4 years are offered by blue world city according to various sizes of plots so that people with a basic salary can invest in this marvelous housing project.

    Q8: When will be the possession of given in blue world society?

    Ans: Plot possession is anticipated to be obtained in three to four years by the residents. the plots in phase 1 of the society will be given possession first because of early development in that phase in a blue world city.

    Q9: Does blue world city offer commercial plots?

    Ans: Yes, there are various commercial plots available at blue world city. You can read all the information about commercial plots and overseas plots in the information mentioned above in the article.

    Q10: Is there any overseas block available in blue world city for overseas citizens?

    Ans: Yes, blue world city also offers overseas blocks for overseas citizens.

    Q11: How will the blue world city become the hub of economic growth in the region?

    Ans: With all of the many business prospects available in society, society will become the center of economic growth. Due to the variety of jobs and employment prospects available in the community and the close vicinity to the CPEC route, Blue World City will develop into a utopia for investors.

    Q12: why blue world city is called a Pak china friendly city?

    Ans: For the entirety of the development work of this massive housing project, Blue World City and a Chinese Company have signed an MOU. It is the first housing society that the Chinese built in Pakistan; as a result, it has special meaning for the citizens of both nations and is referred to as a Pak-China-friendly city.

    Q13: what is the name of the brand ambassador of a blue world city?

    Ans: Blue world city feels proud to announce a famous Turkish actress “EsraBilgic” as a brand ambassador.


    A blue world city is the dream housing society for Pakistani people. The prime feature of this housing venture is that it offers a luxury lifestyle, and the best quality living standard.

    World-class amenities at very affordable rates. Its prime location and connection with Chinese people make it stand out from the rest of the housing societies.

    The BWC not only provides you best living standards but also good investment opportunities with an easy installment plan which makes investment convenient for people with ordinary salaries.

    In this way, people who earn a small amount of money monthly can easily give their installments and earn high returns on investment which will be fruitful for them in the future.

    Its prime location, its accessibility to the CPEC route, its commercial hubs, and its business opportunities make it stand out from the rest of the housing societies and also make it the most wanted housing project for national and international investors.

    If you’re interested in knowing more about these housing societies, you can read more about Blue World City Islamabad, Park View City, Blue Town Sapphire Lahore, Capital Smart City, New City Paradise, Bahria Town Karachi 2, Lahore Smart City to find out more about similar amenities which are offered at affordable rates.

    Blue World City

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