Lahore: According to various sources, on May 30, construction work on three highly anticipated road infrastructure projects, including the Sheranwala Gate flyover, Ghulab Devi underpass (Ferozepur Road), and Shahkam Chowk flyover (Link Canal Road), began.

According to reports, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Director General (DG) Ahmad Aziz Tarar toured the project’s construction sites with the top brass of the LDA staff, including Chief Engineer LDA Abdul Razzaq Khan and the project directors.

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Mr. Tarar told the Chief Engineer to complete the construction work on schedule and that no construction delays would be permitted.

Shahkam Chowk Flyover:

DG LDA Ahmad Aziz Tarar and Chief Engineer LDA Abdul Razzaq Khan paid a visit to the Shahkam Chowk flyover project site. According to the head engineer, the flyover would be 600 meters long and 75 acres of land would be purchased for the project.

During a press conference, the director-general stated that the project will take ten months to complete and will cost PKR 4.25 billion. The flyover would also have a 10-kilometer-long network of highways. The project entails the construction of two bridges across the Ruhi Nullah and the dualization of the Defence Road. This will assist in resolving the area’s long-standing traffic problem.

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Sheranwala Flyover:

The 1-kilometer-long Sheranwala flyover will be the city’s longest and will cost PKR 4.9 billion, with PKR 2 billion set aside for 22 Kanal land acquisition and the rest going toward civil construction. Over 121,000 cars are projected to pass through the 400-meter elevation bearing flyover each day.

Gulab Devi Underpass:

Similarly, the PKR 2 billion Gulab Devi Hospital underpass would alleviate traffic congestion on one of the city’s busiest streets. The project consultancy services will cost PKR 600 million, while the civil works would cost PKR 1.4 billion. During his visit, the director asked the project director to check that safety procedures and traffic diversion procedures were in place.

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