Hyderabad: As per the news report, speakers have petitioned the Sindh government to establish a translation agency in order to help the Sindhi language survive.

They were speaking at the recent premiere of Zulfiqar Halepoto’s book Sey sabh sandhium sah seen (All that I kept in my heart) at a local hotel, which was presided over by short story writer Ghulam Nabi Mughal.

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The book includes obituaries and profiles of people such as Asma Jehangir, Khushwant Singh, Tahira Mazhar Ali, Musadiq Sanwal, and others.

Ghulam Nabi Mughal, a prominent novelist, said on the occasion that the author was the modern-day Miskeen Jahan Khan Khoso, striving for the benefit of society and literature.

He claimed that faults in writings went unreported because there was no editor to review books and authors today. Sindhi was absorbing English terms, which is why there was no Sindhi vocabulary at the time of writing.

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He stated Sindh lacked leadership since educated Sindhis still followed waderas and jagirdars, and he called for more efforts to be made for the Sindhi language.

Former culture department secretary Mahtab Akbar Rashdi described the author as “special,” adding that his writings were “thoughtful.” She agreed with Mughal that Sindh lacked leadership and that Zulfiqar Halepoto had given Sindh its identity.

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She said the institution had not been established despite the passage of the Bureau of Translation Bill by the Sindh Assembly, and she encouraged the government to do it as soon as possible so that international literature could be translated into Sindhi to educate Sindhi youths.

The goal of authoring and presenting the book, according to Zulfikar Halepoto, was to bring pro-Sindh people together.

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