Lahore: As per the latest news, Chief Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan of the Lahore High Court ordered the registrar’s office to produce the whole record of a 2016 summary about the court’s mutation of a piece of property measuring 50 kanals in favor of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

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The chief justice stated that a registrar’s letter about the land transfer that was shared on social media had no legal value. He explained that the LHC’s land could not be transferred to anyone by the chief justice’s order, but rather by a decision by the seven-member administrative committee.

It’s worth noting that in a previous hearing, Chief Justice Khan chastised the DHA for encroaching on people’s land and lamented the fact that the authority had even taken over territory owned by the LHC.

The next day, the chief justice took notice of a social media post by Amir Saeed Rawn, the legal counsel for the Lahore Development Authority, which disputed the court’s statement concerning the 50-kanal area of the LHC occupied by the DHA.

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The LHC registrar wrote a letter in 2016 and asked the then Lahore district coordination officer to get the land measuring 50 kanal in mauza Sangatpura mutated in favor of the DHA and the property measuring 65 kanal in mauza Phularwan mutated in favor of the LHC.

During the hearing on Thursday, Chief Justice Khan stated that the FIA had taken no action against the vicious campaign against the judiciary as a whole.

He also feared that if the institutions were continued to be disrespected, the law of the jungle would emerge.

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