Chitral: Taj Mohammad Khan, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister on Power, revealed that Rs2 billion has been set aside for the construction of small hydropower projects in 21 districts.

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After inaugurating a micro hydropower project in Kalash valley Bumburate, he told a crowd that the project to promote small hydropower was being expanded to 21 districts, citing the success of the first phase in 11 districts across the province.

He stated that the development of hydropower potential was part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of a “clean and green Pakistan.” He went on to say that it was not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

Mr. Khan stated that in the project’s second phase, 100 locations and populations in both the lower and upper parts of Chitral would be targeted, with the best possible use of the abundant hydropower potential.

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He stated that in the coming phase, medium and big hydropower projects would be prioritized above micro and little hydropower projects with capacities exceeding 500 kilowatts. He went on to say that local people should come up with suggestions for project locations.

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