Peshawar: According to a recent news report, Amara Khan, director general of Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) , told a group of environmental specialists that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government was working on a plan to plant saplings on the banks of the Gandhao Khwar water channel to expand urban forest cover in Peshawar.

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Residents of Hayatabad backed PDA’s continued sustainable growth, according to a panel of climate change and environmental specialists. It was decided during the meeting that a “green board” comprised of specialists and elderly people would be formed, since they were a significant social capital eager to contribute to the city’s welfare. According to the experts, the recent heat waves were caused by the removal of hundreds of trees along the BRT route. They went on to say that mega-concrete and steel infrastructure projects inevitably contributed to the “heat island effect” in metropolitan areas.

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According to the statement, the government began urban cultivation of millions of shade trees during the monsoon season to offset the impacts of climate change, including “green projects” performed by PDA.

The government’s proposal to aggressively carry out urban afforestation was praised by experts. They applauded the PDA’s move to restore the illegally allotted green space across Dean Heights to business companies through a major afforestation project. PDA’s board of directors is anticipated to cancel the allotment at its next meeting because it was made without its consent by the previous administration.

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