Lower Dir: Commuters were inconvenienced on Monday as a flooded stream in Talash region interrupted vehicular traffic on the major Timergara-Peshawar Road for nearly five hours. After heavy rain during the day, the normally dry creek in Kalpani swelled and flooded onto the road.

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Traffic was diverted to the under-construction Kalpani-Talash Bypass Road, which was also experiencing congestion owing to the rush. Hundreds of people were stuck in the Moli Khat, Kalpani, and Shamshi Khan Talash regions, including patients.

Residents asked that the government complete construction on the Kalpani-Talash Bypass Road as soon as possible. In Kalpani and Shamshi Khan, they also requested the construction of suspension bridges over the creek.

Separately, on Monday, a pen-down strike by sub-engineers caused havoc for those who visited the offices. The government contractors’ association’s divisional general secretary, Imran Takur, requested the government to take note of the sub-engineers’ strike, which had been going on for four days.

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Meanwhile, the provincial head of the sub-engineers’ association, Eng Malik Bashir Khan, spoke at a gathering of sub-engineers in Balambat, alleging that engineers with technical degrees were being treated unfairly. He said that authorities from the Pakistan Engineering Council were mistreating the sub-engineers. If their demands were not met, the sub-engineers vowed to take their protest across the country.

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