Swat: As per the latest news, people in the Kabal district of Swat breathed a sigh of relief as construction work on a ten-kilometer-long road began.

Local people, as well as some high-ranking members of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), attended a groundbreaking ceremony for road construction in Qalagay, Kabal tehsil, on Tuesday.

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Ex-Nazi Hayat Khan, speaking to the crowd, said the road would serve as a corridor for the area, which is known for its picturesque beauty.

“Besides, the road which is being constructed will not only provide the people with a convenient journey but also give a healthy boost to the area’s tourism sector.”

He stated that the government was aware of the major problem caused by the deteriorating condition of the road and that is why a sum of one hundred and ninety million rupees had been set aside for the development of the stated road in the area.

He told the locals that he would continue to press the administration to speed up work on all of the area’s development projects.

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“The PTI government is committed to bring prosperity to the area by boosting up all the socioeconomic sector including health, education, and infrastructure and pay homage to public faith,” he said, adding that, in addition to bringing the road infrastructure up to par, the far-flung areas of Kabal tehsil were in desperate need of schools, colleges, and hospitals, which the government must provide.

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