Chitral: About 300 youngsters from Upper Chitral’s Torkhow valley worked for 12 hours straight to help a contractor finish a reinforced concrete cement (RCC) bridge in Istaru hamlet.

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According to Hussain Zareen Charwelu, a youth leader, the bridge’s unreasonable delay has become a major issue for residents of the Torkhow and Terich valleys, as it connects the valleys to the rest of the region.

He stated the communication and works department’s contractor was in a pickle since he needed a huge number of labourers to construct the bridge deck in one go. Mr Charwelu claimed that kids from three villages banded together to help the contractor finish the bridge work in a single day.

It was a massive operation, according to Jalaluddin, a retired army official who also worked on the site, because they had to cover the bridge’s 200-foot-long and 10-foot-wide deck with gravel-cement-sand mixture in a single day.

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He described the bridge as a “game changer” for the Torkhow and Terich valleys, adding that traffic would not be restored for another two weeks. He added that huge vehicles would be able to use the bridge to reach the lowlands.

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