Islamabad: As per the news report, Simly Dam’s level has dropped dramatically as a result of less rain in recent months and continued water use.

However, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) declared on Sunday that it would ensure uninterrupted water supply to Ramazan residents, urging people not to waste water.

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The dam’s estimated water level is 2271 feet, well below its capacity of 2315 feet. Apart from the Khanpur Dam and tube wells, the Simly Dam is Islamabad’s largest source of water.

CDA currently provides 60 mgd of water to residents, with 24 mgd coming from Simly, nine from Khanpur, and the rest coming from tube wells and two other sources.

Islamabad is supplying up to 70 million gallons per day of water to its residents, despite a total demand of 220 million gallons per day. Except for two million gallons per day (mgd) recently added from Rawal Dam to the CDA’s water supply system, no new sources have been explored in the last few decades.

For years, however, the civic agency has relied on two planned water supply projects: Ghazi Brotha (Conduction of Water from the Indus Water System at Terbela Dam) and Chirrah Dam.

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Last week, a meeting chaired by Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Asad Umar agreed to complete the Ghazi Brotha project through a public-private partnership, with the Federal Government and the Punjab Government sharing the cost of land acquisition equally.

When asked about the Chirrah Dam, CDA officials said it would be a joint venture with the Punjab government, and that CDA had paid the Punjab government Rs851.8 million several years earlier, but that the project had yet to begin.

Meanwhile, a CDA press release released on Wednesday stated that the CDA administration is committed to providing people with water 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The press release said, “Water supply is continued in the city despite the deficiency of water in Simly Dam. Water tanker services will be available 24 hours during Ramazan.”

It went on to say that a decision had been made to fine people who were found wasting water.

Throughout the city, more water plants and filtration plants are being built.

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“The citizens of small houses of G series are being provided water 24 hours. Almost 200 complaints are being received daily basis which are being addressed through water tankers on the same day. The complaint number will be made public within one week. Citizens will be able to register their complaints regarding water leakage, water shortage, and any other on the complaint number. The administration of CDA has appealed to the citizens not to waste water,” it added.

People are being asked not to waste water when cleaning cars and surfaces, according to the press release. Those who are caught wasting water face a fine of up to Rs10,000.

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