Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: As per the news reports, GIKI’s Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering took the initiative to initiate BS Data Science for the first time at GIK Institute, which was approved by Pakistan’s National Computing Education Accreditation Council. GIKI has received numerous requests for partnership. Collaboration agreements similar to Huawei’s Artificial Intelligence program partnership with GIKI are also being considered.

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The foresight that went into establishing Data Science as one of the most essential future projects has been lauded by all. New 4-year BS and 5-year MS programs in Statistics and Data Science have recently been approved by the Indian Institute of Technology.

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From social networks to scientific research, banking, healthcare, econometrics, and finding answers to a variety of real-world problems, data science embraces the massive volumes of data generated every day in modern life. Using large-scale data analytics, this requires strong computational, statistical, and mathematical expertise. According to the management, GIK supports the program with sophisticated labs, including a High-Performance Computing facility, cutting-edge software, and highly skilled instructors. By anticipating the rising need for Data Scientists and meeting the criteria of the fourth and fifth industrial revolutions, the program was established and thoroughly crafted NCEAC certified curriculum.