Sahiwal: As per the latest news, the divisional administration has been successful in obtaining approval for the establishment of a new Small Industrial Zone II on 700 acres of agricultural land near village 85/9-L, Bunga Hayat Road.

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For the past two years, the Sahiwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has been at odds with the local divisional administration over land acquisition.

According to Khawar Shahzad, Director Development, the land had been chosen after extensive consultation with several stakeholders, and it would be acquired soon by paying local landowners.

Sahiwal has one industrial zone for small cottage industries, and manufacturers and traders are requesting the construction of a second facility to meet the rising demands of local businesses. The SCCI proposed the demand, which had previously been driven by local PML-N parliamentarians and is now being pushed by local PTI politicians.

Mr. Shahzad explained that the problem was finding a suitable piece of land where local businesses’ industrial needs, such as coal, electricity, and road infrastructure, could be met. A high-level committee led by the director development was established by the commissioner’s office.

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According to the director development, land at Mauza Bhawani, Madhali Road, and the area near the coal-fired power plant on Bunga Hayat Road were all surveyed. Mepco, SNGPL, Small Industrial Zone I, and SCCI are the members of the committee.

The director development announced that all parties had reached an agreement, and that land will now be purchased after a price assessment. He promised that landowners would be compensated at a higher rate than the open market.

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