Peshawar: As per the latest news, for the upcoming Pak-China 10th Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) meeting, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has finalized 13 main projects.

Five road development projects, three electricity projects, two agriculture projects, two industry projects, and a tourism project are among the projects. The projects will be officially accepted at a meeting of the JCC that will be held shortly.

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While confirming the information, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan told this scribe that the provincial government has made all necessary arrangements for the upcoming Pak-China 10th JCC. Almost all of the proposals have had their feasibility studies done. The construction of roads will improve transportation options for the province’s residents.

“The Chashma Right Bank Canal is a 40-year-old project that will revolutionise the southern districts and make the province self-sufficient in wheat. Becoming the second industrial zone in the province after Rashkai will start a new era of development and employment in the southern districts. The energy projects are also in the pipeline”, he stated.

In response to a question, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan said that during his visit to Peshawar, Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong promised more investment in the province, which would help alleviate poverty.

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Five major transportation infrastructure projects have been proposed for formal JCC approval, according to official documents available to this correspondent. The first segment, the 82-kilometer Swat Expressway Phase-II from Chakdara to Fatehpur, will be constructed through a public-private partnership at a cost of Rs57.7 billion. The project’s land and re-settlement costs are expected to be Rs20.5 billion, with a construction cost of Rs37.2 billion.

The 365-kilometer Peshawar-DI Khan Motorway is another important transportation infrastructure project. The project’s overall cost is Rs 295.488 billion, which includes a Rs 275.488 billion building cost and a Rs 20.00 billion land cost. The third project is the Chitral-Chakdara-M1 CPEC western highway, which spans 214 kilometers. Once the feasibility study is finished, the cost will be determined. The Dir-Chakdara Motorway is a 30-kilometer road that cost Rs38.991 billion to construct. The fifth road project is the Rs10.50 billion Khwazakhela-Bisham Expressway, which spans 28 kilometers.

Agriculture schemes, such as the game-changing Chashma Right Bank lift-cum-gravity Canal (CRBC), are also on the list. The oldest project, which will cost Rs119.600 billion and cultivate 2, 86,000 barren lands in the southern districts, is the most expensive. The Tank Zam Dam will cost Rs18 billion and will cover 70,000 acres of land.

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In addition, the KP government has included two industrial cooperation projects in the province, including the Special Economic Zone-Draband, DI Khan, which will cost the US $28 million. It will generate 512,000 jobs and be built on a 3125-acre plot of land. Another planned project is the Mohmand Marble City Centre of Excellence, which will occupy 350 acres and cost Rs703.94 million. Around 14,000 jobs are expected in the region, according to the government.

The PTI government has also proposed a 14-kilometer Kumrat cable car project, which will cost Rs32,000 million and provide Rs4 million in tourist facilities. In the CPEC JCC, three energy projects are also proposed.

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