Rawalpindi: After Eid-ul-Adha, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar is anticipated to approve the signal-free Leh-Expressway project and the development work project is expected to begin this year, according to news sources. Buzdar and Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid, according to sources, will both be present at this meeting.

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At the cost of PKR 55 billion, the 18-kilometre Leh Expressway would be built on both banks of the Leh Nullah. According to reports, project tenders will be published once the Punjab Chief Minister has given his final approval. The required legal conditions for project development will also be dealt out in the next three months. The freeway is being built with a seasonal intake of 100,000 cubic metres of water in mind during flood season.

Interior Minister Rasheed told the reporters that the development of the Leh Nullah Expressway would increase the value of properties along the route. Alternative housing will be provided to those who will be displaced as a result of the project.

According to the details, the long-awaited signal-free Leh Expressway is being built under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and will have five flyovers, three underpasses, and two interchanges once completed, with space reserved in commercial zones for multi-story commercial buildings along the expressway.

The project was supposed to be 30 kilometres long at first. The project was initially estimated to cost PKR 80 billion, but it was later cut to its current length of 18 kilometres. According to reports, the project will receive development funds.

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