On Thursday, the Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered the judicial water commission to conduct studies of the proposed underpass locations – Karim Block in Allama Iqbal Town and Gulab Devi on Ferozepur Road and assess the viability of preserving the trees.

Justice Shahid Karim issued this order after a hearing on a public-interest matter, including many environmental issues.

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The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has already been barred from removing trees to build the two underpasses by the judge.

On behalf of the commission, Advocate Syed Kamal Haider asked the court to order the LDA to cease cutting more trees and provide a report detailing the number of trees falling in the previous five years and their replanting.

The lawyer testified in court that the LDA had already cut down almost 3,000 full-grown trees and indigenous plants for city development projects like the Orange Line Metro Train, Firdous Market underpass, and Canal Road expansion.

He said that the trees were being cut for various construction projects and that the government was not replanting them. He claimed that the court had previously prohibited unnecessary tree felling.

The judge ordered the commission to assess the project areas and determine if the trees that were to be felled could be replanted. The judge postponed the hearing for another week.

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