SHANGLA: Bisham residents have asked the government to fix the city’s lights, claiming that most of the city’s solar panels have been out of commission for the past two years, creating problems for traders and customers in the markets at night.

People came to Bisham from all over the district for Eid shopping during Ramazan, but the city was in the dark due to defective solar panels, they told journalists.

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Sadam Hussain, a Bisham resident, said he came to Bisham to shop with friends, but the main markets were completely dark, even on the Karakoram Highway, and the solar panels built by the tehsil municipal administration had been inactive for a long time.

TMA could fix the solar panels as soon as possible, he said, because foreigners and visitors from all over the world stayed in Bisham. He went on to say that they went to the bazaar but were uncomfortable because of the darkness.

He said that private security guards patrolled the bazaars at night. When the solar panels were working, their job was easy, but now they had to visit every shop for the entire night, he explained. Another dealer, Rehbar Ali, said they had approached TMA officials several times, but they refused to fix the solar panels due to financial constraints.

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