Islamabad: As per the latest news, the creative workspace of System Limited, Pakistan’s pioneering global technology services and solutions firm, has been refurbished. Systems Limited, now known as Studio 77, aspires to break away from traditional work environments and contemporary design approaches in order to develop a culture of innovation with no boundaries and human-centrism at the center of every project.

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At its Lahore campus, Systems held a real event to commemorate this new approach to design. This event was attended by prominent leaders from Pakistan’s IT business, the design and art community, and academics. COVID-19 SOPs were in place for the event, which was held in Studio 77.

Asif Akram, COO of Systems Limited, welcomed the distinguished visitors and attendees and explained the Studio 77 idea. “With Studio 77, we aim to introduce a creative atmosphere where our driven and motivated team has the right tools and technology at its disposal to bring its breakthrough ideas to fruition. What you see today is the result of multiple brainstorming sessions, meticulous planning, and tireless commitment by our team to make sure that every nook and corner of Studio 77 screams innovation and creativity – something that Systems has become synonymous with,” he stated.

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Systems Limited is a trendsetter who believes in continuous innovation and is always on the lookout for new ways to keep the spark of creativity and innovation alive and well in its workforce. Employees come first at Studio 77, and they are free to dive into their creative streams to simplify and humanize technology to tackle difficulties that come their way.

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