Ansar Majeed Khan, the Punjab Minister for Labor, presided over the 150th meeting of the Punjab Employees Social Security Institution’s governing body, at which he approved the construction of hospitals for staff and their families in Sargodha, Faisalabad, and Taunsa.

Sargodha will get a 50-bed hospital for Rs80 million, Taunsa will get a 25-bed hospital for Rs49 million, and Millat Town Faisalabad will get an Rs17 million hospital. More than 238,000 employees and their families will be able to access healthcare due to the building of these hospitals.

The board approved the issuance of computerized social security cards for Rs16 million to provide transparent medical and financial services to registered employees. It was decided to hire new workers to fill more than 660 open positions.

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The decision was made to convene the promotion board for the immediate promotion of more than 3,000 workers within the next three months and introduce an amnesty/self-assessment scheme for private businesses.

The provincial labor minister stated that steps are being taken not only for the convenience of employees and their families but also for private and business organizations’ convenience. Labor Secretary Ahmed Javed Qazi, Commissioner Syed Bilal Haider, Medical Adviser Nasir Jamal Pasha, and representatives from employers, staff, and related departments were present at the meeting.

The governing body accepted an increase in the funeral grant from Rs5 000 to Rs10, 000 and an additional payment for workers in grades 1 through 5. The meeting also authorized 61 new computer operator positions. New positions were accepted on a need-to-know basis to address the shortage of stenographers, assistants, drivers, and other personnel.

A budget increase was agreed to repair ambulances and medical equipment for staff and buy new medical equipment and medicines. For computer operators employed in the department, a service structure has also been authorized.

For the convenience of staff, the requirement of obtaining a referral from a related dispensary was eliminated from the conference. Patients will now be able to seek care at the appropriate hospital without the need for a referral. According to the minister, an amnesty scheme was launched to support companies and save Rs5.5 billion.

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