According to officials, the Punjab government recently raised the minimum monthly salary of employees by a total of Rs.2 000. The daily wage has been raised from Rs.17 500 to Rs.19, 500, while the minimum daily wage has been set at Rs.750 per day.

On Tuesday, the Punjab Minimum Wages Board released a notice in this regard. However, this will take effect on July 1, 2021.

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According to sources, the board has also requested stakeholders to submit their feedback or any objections to the rise in labourers’ wages within a month.

According to Ansar Majeed, the Labour Minister, the monthly payment of Rs.40 from workers has been abolished.

“The employees have been given a relief of over R.s4.5 billion per annum, while the industrialists have been given a relief of Rs.5.5 billion in the form of social security fines,” he added.

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