Karachi: According to a recent piece of news, in front of a shopping mall on Rashid Minhas Road, some newly planted trees were uprooted.

In the scorching heat of summer, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s (KMC) Parks and Horticulture Department (P&HD) planted Tabebuia tree saplings along Rashid Minhas Road, which would have provided shade.

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In February, the corporation’s park department launched a program to plant trees along the city’s five main thoroughfares. The aim is to plant over 25,000 saplings while also caring for them. Under the campaign to make Karachi green, the KMC aims to plant a variety of conventional, environmentally friendly, and seasonal trees.

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Saplings of the Tabebuia tree had been planted four days ago with the assistance of the private sector and non-governmental organizations. On Sunday, Director General (DG) Parks Taha Saleem tweeted, “Alas! I feel disgusted to report the theft of Tabebuia planted three days ago on Rashid Minhas Road near Lucky One Mall and UBL Sports Complex. [An] FIR is being lodged and [we] would request citizens living nearby to watch this place as now we are again planting there from tomorrow.”

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