Chitral: According to a piece of recent news, Taj Muhammad, the Special Assistant to the Chief Minister for Energy and Power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), inaugurated 11 mini-micro hydel power (MMHPs) stations in Chitral on Sunday (July 25), with an accumulative generating capacity of 1.7MW.

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The valley’s 4,000 houses will be able to be powered by the low-cost hydroelectric electricity. Five of the newly inaugurated MMPHs are in Kalash Valley, five in Garam Chashma, and one in Sheshi Valley, according to the information given.

According to the minister, the hydropower projects would help with literacy, health sector development, and improving the economic condition of the people.

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Engineer Mohammad Naeem Khan, CEO of the Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO), briefed Mr Taj on the PEDO’s 69 MW Lawi Hydro Power Plant (HPP) and 4.2 MW Reshun HPP. According to the minister, the projects will be completed soon to meet the growing demands of the Chitral valley. He further mentioned that phase II of the ongoing project will include the construction of more MMPH.

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