RAWALPINDI: Malaysian High Commissioner Ikram bin Mohammad Ibrahim said his country has strong trade and diplomatic relations with Pakistan, which he plans to strengthen in various areas.

“Pakistan is strategically important, and Malaysia has made investments in Pakistan in a variety of sectors. Malaysia is concentrating on improving its trade ties with Pakistan. Malaysia and Pakistan have a strong stance on Palestine. He said, “Malaysia strongly condemns Israeli massacres in Palestine.”

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On Tuesday, he shared these sentiments at a farewell meeting with Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) office-bearers. On his visit to the RCCI offices, President Mohammad Nasir Mirza, Group Leader Sohail Altaf, and senior officials greeted the envoy.

Mr Ibrahim remarked that his time in Pakistan had been fantastic. “The Malaysian High Commission has strong and deep relations with the business community, especially the Rawalpindi chamber,” he said, adding that the commission will continue to provide full support and activity to RCCI.

Mr Ibrahim’s services as high commissioner are valued by the RCCI, according to President Nasir Mirza. The chamber successfully held the Achievement Awards and Business Opportunities Conference in Malaysia in 2019, thanks to his involvement and complete cooperation.

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