According to press reports, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) consulted experts in order to create the Lahore Master Plan 2050.

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S M Imran, Vice Chairman of the LDA, presided over a seminar in Lahore Fort’s Summer Palace. The seminar was attended by Nadeem Akhtar Zaidi, the Chief Metropolitan Planner, and Shahi Qila Saeeda Faiza Shah, the Administrator. The Association of Builders, Darul Hindsa Lebanon, Walled City of Lahore officials, members of the Asian Engineering Councils, and other LDA officers were also present. Directors Faisal Masood Qureshi, Naveed Ahmed Bhatti, Bushra, Shafqat Niaz King, and Deputy Directors Usman Tahir, Mohammad Omar, Shiroz Javed, Architect Kamil Khan Mumtaz, Shiraz Mano, and Akbar.

The Master Plan was developed in collaboration with the Walled City Authority of Lahore. Transparency will be maintained throughout the process, according to SM Imran. The Master Plan will cover both the urban and rural areas of the city.

The plan was also established in consultation with professionals, residents, and stakeholders, according to reports. In addition, the LDA office received ideas from the government, non-government organizations, and other organizations for the improvement of the Lahore Division. LDA has also enlisted the support of international and local consultants for this approach.

The LDA Chairman remarked during the seminar that Lahore is an old city with a rich history, and that efforts are being made to preserve it for future generations. Furthermore, city planners, architects, and engineers provide light on the issues that people are confronted with.

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