Murree: In recent events, one of the primary causes of the traffic jams in Murree during the Eid holidays is a lack of preparation. According to police figures, about 210,000 cars reached the hill station over the Eid holidays, clogging Murree’s parking capacity of barely 3,500 vehicles.

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Thousands of visitors flocked to the beautiful surroundings of Murree and its environs, with lengthy lines of automobiles creating a beeline for the hill station’s roadways. The town, which was established by the British, is a famous tourist attraction, but traffic may be difficult to manage because to the hundreds of cars that visit each year, especially during the holidays.

Tourists have been flocking to the hilly area this year to escape the high humidity, causing traffic congestion on all of Murree’s roads, which aren’t equipped to handle so many vehicles. Tourists have been flocking to Kanair Pul on the Kohala bridge through Bhurban Road and Aliot Phagwari Road, in addition to the main Murree.

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According to a source in Murree administration, the town has 284 hotels, but most do not have the required parking. He claims that, in theory, each hotel should provide parking based on room capacity, but that this is not the case due to poor planning and regulatory oversight.

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