Rawalpindi: According to a news source, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has delivered information on housing proposals that have been authorized, those that have been rejected, and those for which a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) is being issued.

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According to the facts, there are a total of 264 illegal housing schemes in the RDA’s managed territory, which means that the developers of these projects are selling property units without first obtaining a NOC from the authority. Gojjar Khan, Murree, Kotli Sattiyan, and Taxila are home to the majority of these projects.

In Rawalpindi District, 47 out of 136 housing plans have received RDA approval, 19 projects are awaiting NOCs, and 80 societies are unlawful. In Murree, eight projects are awaiting clearance, while 49 schemes are illegal.

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Similarly, Taxila has four approved housing projects, 11 in the process of approval, and 18 that are illegal. One project in Kotli Sattiyan is awaiting clearance, while two housing developments in the area are illegal.

One of the RDA’s spokespersons, Hafiz Muhammad Irfan, told reporters that the armed guards of unlawful housing complexes prevent the RDA from taking legal action against them. He thinks the RDA should have its own set of checkpoints. Irfan also recommended people check the approval status of a society before investing their money.

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