According to news published on Tuesday, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has initiated an anti-encroachment effort in four localities, including Gujjar Nullah and the KDA Officers’ Club, on the orders of the Supreme Court (SC).

The anti-encroachment drive started in the Officers’ Club of the Karachi Development Authority, Aladin Park, Organi Nullah, and Gujjar Nullah neighbourhoods.

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KDA Officers’ Club

In just eight days, 100 of Aladin Park’s 500 stores were dismantled. The Pavilion End Club’s main entrance, ten tuck stores, and security checkpoint were also demolished.

The KDA Officers’ Club was demolished, and the project took roughly a week to complete. A daily record of anti-encroachment activities is kept, according to the KMC Director. The final report will be delivered to the SC.

Gujjar Nullah

So far, 2,630 dwellings have been demolished, according to reports supplied by KMC Katchi Abadis Senior Director Mazhar Khan. According to a study conducted by NED University, 3,100 homes have been demolished to enlarge the Nullah.

On both sides of the Nullah, encroachments are being eliminated. Encroachment extends from Café Payala to the Landi Kotal Bridge. It will stretch from Landi Kotal Bridge to Ziauddin Hospital on the right side. Furthermore, KMC would demolish structures from the Lyari Expressway at Haji Mureed Goth to the Liaquatabad Chona Depot.

Orangi Nullah

Three teams are dismantling structures along Orangi Nullah, according to KMC Director Mazhar Khan. Structures near Pakistan Bazaar police station, from Khyber Puliya to Banaras, and from Chaman Cinema to Banaras, will be demolished as part of the anti-encroachment effort.

According to reports, 1,467 homes have been demolished, with a total of 2,100 homes damaged at Orangi Nullah, according to the NED report.

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