Mansehra: According to media reports, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister Mahmood Khan remarked on Monday that the government has devised a strategy to turn Kaghan valley into an international tourism attraction.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, together with KP Governor Shah Farman and Hazara Division Commissioner Riaz Mehsud, paid a visit to the Kaghan valley.

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CM Mahmood Khan mentioned during his visit that steps are being taken to attract tourists by preserving the valley’s environment. He went on to explain that to encourage tourism, the business community must work closely with the government. This collaboration will assist the valley’s tourism industry.

The following are the specifics of the tourism-promoting measures:

• In the Kaghan valley, more trees will be planted.

• For the protection of tourists, river rafting rules and regulations have been completed.

• Trees are being planted along the Kunhar River’s riverbanks to safeguard them.

• The Kunhar River will be stocked with trout.

• As part of an environmental project, over one million biodegradable bags are being distributed.

• The community river rangers are given motorcycles to keep an eye on illegal fishing, mining, and tree cutting. From Balakot to Babusar Top, rangers will guard the Kunhar River.

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• Tulip gardening will begin next month, with producers earning PKR 60,000 from each one-Kanal plot.

• The Battakundi-Lalazar chairlift project is being considered by the government.

• A 7-kilometer pony track connecting the Saiful Muluk and Ansoo lakes will be built for tourists.

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