Islamabad: As per the latest news, the secretary of industry and production informed a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday that the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) is corrupt since its items are allegedly sold on the open market.

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“In addition, a great amount of inventory in the USC was also reportedly damaged,” he told the committee. “However, in order to address these issues, the USC is being automated. Cards also will be issued at the stores to ensure targeted subsidy to the consumers,” he further added.

The USC is a government-owned corporation that operates chain stores around the country to sell essential items to the common population at lower-than-market pricing.

Pakistan is also generating over a million mobile phones each month, despite demand of 3.6 million per month, according to the committee.

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In Pakistan, twenty-one mobile businesses have begun operations. Samsung also wants to open a mobile assembly plant in Pakistan in the next six months, according to the committee.

In their briefing to the conference, ministry officials stated that the government has provided tax breaks on electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure for EVs, as well as abolishing taxes and charges at such charging stations.

They went on to say that claims of under-invoicing for electric vehicles are prevalent. They claimed that customs had set the average import price for electric vehicles, as well as levying additional charges.

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Pakistan has an annual capacity to manufacture 418,500 vehicles, according to officials from the Ministry of Industries and Production, whereas its yearly demand is 300,000. Kia and Ibrahim Sons, two automotive firms, have registered for a joint venture to manufacture vehicles in Pakistan.

The prime minister has taken notice of an increase in tractor prices, according to the standing committee, and the government is taking corrective action.

The committee was informed that the government was taking initiatives to promote the usage of small vehicles in the hopes of encouraging people to convert from motorcycles to them.

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