FAISALABAD: The Government College Women’s University of Faisalabad (GCWUF) has launched an e-examination platform that includes quizzes, multiple-choice short-answer exams, short questions, and timed assignments.

Last year, students submitted assignments to be tested instead of taking the formal test, according to university spokesperson Amara Javeed. She went on to say that it showed the students’ unreliable and copy-paste jobs.

She stated that the university implemented an assessment system as an alternative to the physical test system to prevent the norm.

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In the new e-examination system, each question is now allotted a specific amount of time-based on its grade. If a student opens a question, she will or may not attempt the answer; however, after the time limit has expired, the student will not return to that question.

The in-camera exam feature allows faculty to invigilate a small number of students through several shifts quickly. According to her, the Covid-19 situation has had a long-term effect on the educational system. The university’s IT department created the framework.

She stated that the system had been taught to the teachers and students through videos and online training sessions. If universities remain closed for the next few months, the university expects to hold mid-term and final exams in shifts during the current semester.

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