Islamabad: According to various reports, eight sports grounds have been taken over by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) from cricket clubs and individuals.

All of the city’s grounds and parks, according to CDA/MCI officials, belong to municipal authorities, and no one has the authority to run them. According to them, eight of the eleven grounds have been taken over, with the remaining grounds coming under civic control soon.

CDA built and managed the grounds on its own land for Islamabad residents, not for a select few, he said.

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For years, most of the grounds were run by private clubs and some people, and despite their monopoly and claims of making money by renting them out, all of the grounds were well maintained.

According to a CDA official, there could be no compromise on grounds maintenance requirements, and it was now the CDA’s duty to uphold those standards.

The CDA sent notices to all of those individuals and clubs last month, requesting that they vacate the grounds.

However, the owners of two clubs filed petitions in the Islamabad High Court, which was rejected by Chief Justice Athar Minallah, who ordered the petitioners to vacate the grounds and hand over belongings to the competent authority.

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“The petitioners have not been able to satisfy this Court that a right has accrued in their favor to justify interference with impugned notices whereby they have been directed to vacate the grounds and hand over possession to the competent authority,” the orders said. The CDA and MCI took over ownership of two grounds, G-8 Diamond Ground and Margazar Cricket Ground, as well as many other grounds, as a result of the court order.

Meanwhile, sources say that the PCB decided to take control of all cricket grounds and run them for registered cricket clubs while also benefiting the CDA financially. A few meetings between CDA-MCI and PCB have already taken place in this regard.

Another MCI official said that when the new policy is finalized, local clubs and residents should be prioritized, and there should be a clear policy in place to prevent the abuse of grounds, as certain individuals have allegedly rented them out to different parties, including corporate sectors in the past.

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