ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken no further action since issuing notices to the owners of over 200 farmhouses for non-conforming use of the plots.

According to sources, the civic agency has given notices to farmhouse owners warning them to produce agricultural products following their agreements over the last two months.

According to a building control inspector, over 200 notices had been given to the tenants, and show-cause notices had been sent to about 100 leaseholders.

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“The seven-day grace period in show-cause notifications has also passed,” he said, “but no action has been taken yet.”

According to the inspector, there were 605 agro plots (300 for orchards and 305 for poultry and vegetables). He said that 525 plots were being used illegally.

There are 81 plots with undeveloped areas and 48 plots with excess protected areas.

According to another CDA official, 525 of the 605 agro plots were used in non-conforming ways, but the CDA had yet to take action against the owners.

“We have been conducting operations against commercial buildings and other violations,” he said, “but the true measure of management will be taking action against the farmhouse owners.”

Meanwhile, a senior official said the CDA management had alerted and then given notices to all allottees of farmhouses via a public notice in February this year.

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