According to press reports, Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Amer Ali has accepted the designs of two parking plazas out of a total of six. According to CDA papers, the project will cost PKR 35.8 million and will take eight months to complete.

On 1.5 acres of property near Centaurs Mall, one of the parking plazas with 900 parking spaces will be built. A rooftop football field, a drive-in theatre, and a food court will also be located in the parking plaza.

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A 120 x 170 square foot property near Khyber Plaza Blue Area will be used for the second parking plaza. On the rooftop of the 300-car plaza, there will be an open sitting space.

The chairman of the meeting announced that the facilities would be offered for approval at the next CDA Development Working Party meeting (DWP). He also stated that after the tendering procedure is completed, the work will begin in July.

He also stated that four more parking facilities will be built in the F-8 and F10 Blue areas. It was also rumored that 10% of the plaza’s space will be commercialized in order to raise funding for construction costs.

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