On Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan paid a visit to the Korang Cricket Ground, which is being developed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), and stated that he wants at least one sports ground built in each union council across the country.

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The Korang Cricket Ground, which is being erected at UC Bani Gala, will be the first organized cricket facility in the rural areas of the federal capital. “Because there is no significant construction work involved,” a senior CDA official said, “we are optimistic that the ground will be completed by the target date of July 15.”

Locals have been reminded that it is their responsibility to manage the site in the long run by CDA and ICT administration officers involved in levelling the area and putting things together.

The cost of construction is low since the Korang Cricket Pitch is being built on CDA land, and the levelling off the ground and other infrastructure development is being done by CDA machinery and labour from various departments.

Expert gardeners have already sowed grass portions on the ground, which has a radius of 215 feet, which is the typical size of cricket pitches in Islamabad.

“This regular rainfall in the city aids grass establishment after planting, and as the monsoon season approaches, we expect the grass to flourish by mid-July,” said a CDA officer involved in the development of the cricket ground.

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