Islamabad: The city administrators, who are concentrating on road construction, have failed to start the promised bus service on six of the capital’s busiest routes.

In 2016, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) decided to start a bus service on six routes: Bhara Kahu to Marghazar Zoo via Dhokri, Aabpara, Polyclinic, and F-6; Rawat to Faisal Mosque; Tarnol to Fatima Jinnah (F-9) Park; G.T. Road near Railway Carriage Factory to I.J. Principal Road metro station; Nilor Chowk to Koral Chowk; and Lehtrar However, the project has just been announced thus far.

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Officials from the CDA claimed that in 2016, it was estimated that the project would require about 50 buses and Rs220 million in annual subsidies. Officials stated it was agreed that ads at over 140 bus stations along the six routes would pay a major percentage of the overall expenditure.

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It was also determined at the time that buses would operate on existing roads, but that they would have their own lane at all junctions. Officials claimed that decades ago, the Government Transport Service (GTS) used to run buses in Islamabad, and subsequently, a private bus company named Varan ran buses in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and that both services were extremely useful to the public, but that they were terminated.

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