Islamabad: According to news sources, in a fresh twist, it has been revealed that the CDA permitted the shrinking of the nullah in E-11/2 from 40 feet to 18 feet, resulting in urban flooding and the death of a mother and her kid.

The Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Society (PMCHS) had a layout design authorized by the CDA’s Planning Wing, according to sources, in which the nullah width was lowered to 18 feet in street 2.

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Separately, the CDA’s security directorate launched an investigation, which discovered that the layout design was approved by the CDA in 2012; this information would be shared with Prime Minister Imran Khan and the federal government.

The organization also built a road and carved commercial and residential plots on both sides of the restricted nullah.

According to sources, a layout plan was accepted in 2007 with a width of 40 feet for the stated nullah, but the society’s layout design was ratified in 2012 with a width of 18 feet with cover.

Deputy Director Zafar Iqbal Zafar, on the other hand, underlined the case’s factual situation in a categorical note, but it was nevertheless allowed.

He also noted that there were various legal suits pending regarding the nullah’s size reduction.

The deputy director had stated unequivocally that no street would be less than 40 feet wide, and he had submitted the case for “perusal, consideration, and additional directions.”

Mr. Sindhu then took the case to the member for approval of Para 71, which he did.

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When contacted, Mr. Sindhu stated that he forwarded the file to the member after receiving suggestions from his subordinate officers.

When queried about shrinking the nullah, he responded that the width of the nullah was set at 18 feet based on the advice of a consultant who did a hydrological study and that the consultant used data from the preceding 100 years. He asserted that the recent flooding was not caused by the nullah’s narrowing.

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