Lahore: According to published reports, the LDA has decided to change the Building and Zoning Rules, 2020, to include area development projects in the restrictions. The area development project will be divided into three pieces after the revisions, ranging in size from 24 Kanal to 300 Kanal:

• For land areas of 24-30 Kanal, a 30 ft area will be set aside for the building line, with 13 ft of land set aside on both sides and ground floor covering reaching over 60% of the land.

• For land areas ranging from 31 to 50 Kanal, a 40-foot space will be set aside for the building line, with 15 feet of land set aside on both sides and the bottom floor covering more than 60% of the land.

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• For land areas ranging from 51 to 300 Kanal, a 50-foot building line will be saved, with 15 feet of land spared on both sides and ground-floor coverage spanning over 60% of the land.’

The following incentives will be awarded as a result of the modification to the Building and Zoning Rules in 2020:

• Area development projects will be able to allow construction by reducing plot sizes.

• Additional incentives for plots in subdivision areas will be introduced to the ordinances.

• Relaxed rules for combining two plots have also been revealed.

• Subdivided plots spanning 10 marlas to 1 Kanal will be required to leave 30 feet of land on the front, 7 feet on the back, and 5 feet on both sides, which is a reduction from the previous requirement of 13 feet. The covered area of plots reduced in size by sub-divisions will be expanded as a result of the adjustments.

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• Following the modifications, two contiguous plots in government or registered private housing plans will be allowed to be united.

At the next governing body meeting, the modifying draft of building rules will be presented, and final approval will be granted.

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