Karachi: According to a news source, the Sindh government has earmarked PKR 8 billion for 19 infrastructure development projects in its provincial budget for the fiscal year 2021-22. Last year, PKR 1.94 billion was set aside for infrastructure development projects.

According to the facts, PKR 6.6 billion would be spent on 13 new programs, with the remaining funds going to the six continuing projects. The monies were allocated by the authorities under the heading of “Karachi major projects.”

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The PKR 6.6 billion set aside for the more visible of these projects is broken down as follows:

  1. The construction of a flyover in Jauhar Chowrangi has been budgeted at PKR 1.6 billion.
  2. A total of PKR 1.1 billion has been set aside for the construction of Shahrah-i-Noor Jahan in North Nazimabad, which will run from Abdullah College to Qalandaria Chowk.
  3. The reconstruction/rehabilitation of Chakiwara Road, Mehrab Khan Essa Road, and Tannery Road in Lyari has been allocated PKR 995 million.
  4. PKR 450 million to build a road connecting Gulberg Chowrangi and the UBL Sports Complex.
  5. PKR 370 million for the rehabilitation of a road from Shershah Chowk to the intersection of Mirza Adam Khan Road.
  6. Dr. Ruth Pfau has set aside PKR 261 million for the improvement/rehabilitation of internal roads/streets.
  7. A total of PKR 250 million has been set aside for the creation of a public park in the Central area.
  8. These three projects will receive a total of PKR 600 million in funding:
  9. Road rehabilitation and widening from Razzaqabad to the Sheedi Goth Power Station.
  10. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Rafiqi Shaheed Road between Sharea Faisal and Askari-II,
  11. Rehabilitation of the Lyari Expressway’s approach roads

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In addition to the projects stated above, the provincial government has committed PKR 1 billion to the Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan, popularly known as S-III, for the rehabilitation and development of main drains in the city. Similarly, the Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme, popularly known as the K-IV project, has been allotted PKR 800 million to meet the city’s expanding water needs.

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