Debswana Diamond Company interim managing director Lynette Armstrong presented President Mokgweetsi Masisi with the newly discovered diamond on the 16th of June (Wednesday) in Gaborone, which is regarded as the world’s third-largest diamond.

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“This is the largest diamond to be recovered by Debswana in its history of over 50 years in operation,” Armstrong said.

He continued, “Based on our preliminary study, it could be the world’s third-largest gem-quality stone. We haven’t decided whether to sell it through De Beers or the government-owned Okavango Diamond Company.”

This exquisite stone, according to sources, weighs around 1,098 carats. It was discovered by Debswana Diamond Company around two weeks ago and presented to President Mokgweetsi Masisi on Wednesday.

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According to Minerals Minister Lefoko Moagi, the discovery of the yet-to-be-named stone, which measures 73mm long, 52mm wide, and 27mm thick, could not have arrived at a better moment after the Covid-19 outbreak affected diamond sales in 2020.

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