KARACHI (APP) — Although law enforcement agencies celebrate victories in operations against terrorists, outlawed outfits, and militant wings of political and religious parties in their efforts to restore peace in Karachi, the city is experiencing an unprecedented rise in the threat of street crime.

All records from the same time last year were smashed in the first quarter of this year, and more than 30 people were killed while fighting armed robberies and mugging attempts. During the first three months of 2021, Karachi residents lost millions of rupees to armed robberies and kidnappings at gunpoint, with no district of the city remaining unaffected.

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Despite an increase in the number of cases and extensive coverage of street crime in the mass media, and an increase in the number of people’s complaints, the number of such events increased in all three months, according to data collected.

The city saw 5,982 mobile phones, 1,055 motorcycles, and 477 cars stolen from January to March. Among other robberies and muggings, an increase in the number of mobile phone and motorcycle snatchings at gunpoint — critical measures of street crime — demonstrates the police and law enforcement agencies’ rapidly loosening grasp on the state’s writ.

According to the figures, 1,055 motorbikes were snatched at gunpoint in various areas of the city between January and March, and another 10,916 two-wheelers were robbed in various neighbourhood.

In the same timeframe in 2020, 525 motorcycles were seized, and 7,414 were stolen, indicating a rapid increase in the crime trend.

Similarly, in the first three months of 2021, 5,982 cell phones were snatched in various parts of the city, shattering the previous record of 5,105 people who lost their phones to armed robbers in the first quarter of the previous year.

The number of four-wheeler snatching and theft cases remained high in the first three months of 2021, with 477 cases registered compared to 472 in the same timeframe last year.

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