Lahore: PC-1 of the three road construction projects for Babu Sabu and Burki Road in the new financial year has been produced by LDA.

Big news for the users of Sagyan Road, Babu Sabu, and Burki Road. PC-1 of the three road construction projects included in the new financial year, with a total estimated cost of nearly Rs 1.4 billion from the Planning and Development Department, has been approved by the LDA.

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The Lahore Development Authority’s three new projects would cost more than Rs1.4 billion in total, with a conventional PC-1 being created and a design prepared by NESPAK.

The Planning and Development Department will give its approval to the LDA’s projects. The cost of reconstructing and rehabilitating Sagyan Road is estimated to be Rs 754.2 million. The road between Sagyan Interchange to Babu Sabu Road, which leads to Sharqpur Road, will be rebuilt.

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