KARAK: On Monday, local women blocked the Indus Highway and other roads in two locations to protest unscheduled power outages and the lack of a gas plant.

To protest power outages and the absence of a gas facility, stick-wielding Karak SAR women shut down the Indus Highway at Tangori SAR Chowk to all types of traffic.

They claimed that natural gas had been discovered in their area, but that the government had refused to make the facility accessible to the locals. They said that the gas pressure was so low that they were unable to use it for cooking. They also stated that they were cooking with firewood.

The women protesting also expressed their dissatisfaction with the district’s unscheduled power outages. They said that there was a shortage of potable water in the district due to excessive load shedding.

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Vehicles trying to pass the blockades had their windscreens shattered. Due to the rally, long lines of vehicles were seen on both sides of the Indus Highway. Passengers and motorists were forced to endure extreme hardships as a result of the road closure. They arrived late at their destination.

Meanwhile, women from Karak city blocked the Karak-Bannu road at Peer Odeen Shah Mosque, while others blocked the Algaddi Karak link road, effectively cutting off the district headquarters from the rest of the city for three hours. Visitors to the district headquarters were exposed to extreme hardships.

Later, Additional Deputy Commissioner Riaz Mehsud and Assistant Commissioner Shah Jameel met with protesters’ representatives and assured them that high-level officers from Pasco and SNGPL would meet with them in the presence of district officials to address both problems on a priority basis.

They added that the Siraj Baba grid station will be operational until Ramadan to address the district’s unscheduled power load shedding issue.

The problem of low gas pressure will also be addressed during the meeting, according to officials. The demonstrators reopened the roads to traffic after receiving assurance from the district administration and then dispersed peacefully.

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