HYDERABAD: According to the latest news report, The All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union (CBA) has expressed displeasure with the federal government’s decision to privatize all national institutions in theory “under dictates of the International Monetary Fund.”

On Thursday, CBA president Abdul Latif Nizamani presided over a meeting of the union at Labour Hall, where he updated members on the situation. The union had made it clear to the government that it would contest the decision, he added. The government, he said, was pressuring the union to accept the decision.

Mr. Nizamani also said that Wapda officers were opposed to the appointment of private CEOs and CFOs of public-sector power utilities. He told the meeting that “The officers are ready to work with the CBA and offer sacrifices,” and he chastised the government for closing public-sector power plants and buying electricity from private companies at a higher price. He believed that this was being done on purpose to financially damage Wapda and that the blame was being transferred to its employees.

He claimed that the CBA will treat all the workers with dignity and keep them updated. He encouraged them to make their own recommendations and advise the union about what should be done to secure workers’ employment and benefits.

The National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) had earned Rs15bn but a private CEO had been posted there. In fact, IMF is to be pleased otherwise profit or loss is not an issue. This will enable the government to get loans from these institutions”, mentioned Mr. Nizamani.

He requested that meter readers be issued new phones to use while on the job. He clarified that technological losses should be viewed against the backdrop of a failing transmission system and other factors, and that transformers, meters, bucket-mounted vehicles, conductors, safety equipment, and other vehicles were in short supply. He said that there was a scarcity of skilled labor and that, as a result, progress could not be made.

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