Islamabad: According to a recent news outlet, Minister for Railways, Mr. Azam Khan Swati, reported on Monday that the properties owned by Pakistan Railways (PR) in Islamabad and Rawalpindi will be subcontracted to generate revenue.

Mr. Azam Khan defined railway land as a “precious asset” of the country that would be used to generate revenue for the organization. He added that Pakistan Railways will be offering land parcels with high commercial potential in various locations in the twin cities to that end. Public-Private Partnership (PPP), investors, corporate agencies, and overseas Pakistani business groups and firms are all encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity.

The Railways Department will hold a presentation on March 26 at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) in order to direct the potential investors regarding the outsourcing of its territory, according to the minister. Interested companies are invited to attend the meeting, where more information will be revealed.

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