Lahore: An advertisement in the main daily states, “The Punjab administration has informed citizens of the negative and deadly impacts of the current smog crisis in the province, and citizens have been asked to take extra care in this regard.”

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The province administration has designated SMOG a calamity under the Punjab National Calamity (Prevention & Relief) Act, 1958, according to the advertisement. The inhabitants were asked to adopt the following precautions in the advertisement:

  • Wear mask while going out
  • Use eye protection and glasses
  • Wash hands and eyes frequently
  • Keep windows and doors closed
  • Use indoor air purifiers for clean breathing air
  • Restrict unnecessary movement of sensitive groups such as children and elderly
  • Consult doctors in case of flu, nausea, cough and shortness of breath

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With the arrival of winter, Punjab has been enveloped in a thick layer of SMOG, with Lahore being named the poorest performing metropolitan city in the world in terms of SMOG and air quality index by the American Air Quality Monitoring Unit. The province’s air quality may worsen further if it is not managed.

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