Islamabad: According to news reports, the Economist named Pakistan as one of the top three countries to best tackle the pandemic.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan complimented the National Command Operation Centre (NCOC), the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), and the Ehsaas Program team for their excellent response to the COVID-19 pandemic upon the announcement of the ranking.

The Economist normality index assessed 50 countries’ progress in resuming pre-pandemic existence. The assessment was based on eight factors grouped into three categories: transportation and travel, international and domestic flight numbers, and traffic congestion levels. Pakistan came in third place with an 84.4 out of 100 score, behind Hong Kong (96.3) and New Zealand (87.8).

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Aside from that, China was ranked 19th with a 72.9 score, while India was 48th with a 46.5 score. With zero points, South Korea and Colombia were at the bottom.

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