Chitral: On Sunday, the special assistant to the chief minister on minorities’ affairs launched work on projects worth Rs45 million in various sectors in Bumburate valley.

Mr. Wazirzada, speaking at the event, said that no roads were planned there despite the valleys’ great tourism potential. He said that the previous PML-N government duped the valleys’ citizens by announcing an Rs4 billion road project but only allocating Rs20 million. The PTI government, he said, will finish the lane. He said that the PTI government had set aside significant funds for the Kalash valleys’ rapid development.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon begin work on the Chitral-Shandur Road, according to Mr. Wazirzada. The chief minister’s aide cut the ribbon on the Rs12.6 million Dubaz-Rumbur Road and the Rs10.8 million Kandisar Road. He also started construction on a series of flood-protection walls to shield the Bumburate valley from the destruction caused by flash floods.

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