Peshawar: As per the news reports, Taj Muhammad Tarand, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Energy, said on Sunday that the current provincial government’s main priority is the construction of small hydropower plants (mini micro hydel stations) in the province’s power-deprived areas.

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The PTI provincial government’s goal to establish 356 mini micro hydel stations in the province is an outstanding achievement, with thousands of families benefiting from the electricity generated by these little micro hydel power stations.

During his speech at a conference on energy projects at PEDO, he announced that development on 672 more Mini Micro Hydel Stations will begin soon in the following phase. Senior officials from the department were also present, including MPA Sharafat Ali, the energy department’s focal point. Chief Executive Engineer Naeem Khan told Taj Muhammad Tarand that KP is presently generating 162 MW of electricity from 7 hydropower plants built with its own resources, which generates roughly Rs. 4.5 billion per year for the province when connected to the conventional grid. He stated that under the short-term plan, six more 96-MW projects will be finished by the end of the year, bringing in an extra Rs. 4 billion in revenue to the province.

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Work is underway on six 223 MW projects that will be completed in 2024 under the mid-term plan, while nine projects totaling 1899 MW will be completed in 2027-28 under the long-term plan. He stated that solar energy will be used in 8000 schools, 4400 mosques, and 187 Basic Health Centers and that work on other similar projects is currently underway.

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