Peshawar: According to press reports, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is considering enacting legislation to curb unlawful construction and misuse of agricultural land.

The “Land Use and Building Control Act” was created by the KP government with the help of a foreign aid agency. A Land Use and Building Control Council will be established as a result of this Act. In addition, the provincial government will focus on housing projects that meet the needs of metropolitan regions. The District Planning Committee will be in charge of planning and proposing it for approval to the council.

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At the district level, any sort of planning and structure that is to be created will require approval. In addition, the project’s specifics must be presented within three months of approval.

Chief Planning Control Officers will be appointed by the Local Government Department to carry out the Act’s provisions. The draft of the Act has also been examined by the provincial administration and forwarded to the law department, according to the officials.

The document will be given to the provincial cabinet and provincial parliament once it has been approved by the law department.

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