Islamabad: On Sunday, Pakistani Ambassador to Italy Jauhar Saleem marked the start of discussions between Italy and Pakistan on a labour and labour force import agreement to provide greater chances for local trained young to find work in the Italian labour market.

“The agreement is need of the hour for the exchange of legal workforce and legal migration between the two countries” he said.

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The two countries’ present strong economic and commercial connections would help nurture such a possible deal, which will bring the two nations closer together, the ambassador said during the third round of a series of digital zoom link media discussions organised by the Pakistani embassy in Rome.

The Pakistani embassy in Rome is presently trying to give legal help to Pakistani migrants, according to the ambassador, and the Italy-Pakistan ‘Workforce Export Agreement’ is one such link for establishing possibilities for local skilled workers in the Italian prospective market.

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Italy and Pakistan have agreed in principle to draught a labour deal that will allow Pakistan full access to the Italian labour market, according to Jauhar Saleem. He said that this agreement might also contribute in the abolition of the practise of unlawfully transporting workers to Italy and other European nations.

Jauhar Saleem said that once the travel restrictions are eased there will be an increased number of Italian investor delegations to Pakistan. He also highlighted the initiatives that have been taken to promote tourism, especially capacity building of Pakistan`s tourism sector stakeholders through Italian experts.

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